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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Back to Work at the HS.

        I was back at the HS for work. The previous tenants of the job found it too stressful, and couldn't keep the internship program running successfully. I didn't have an office that was even 1/3 of the size of my original office. The whole thing was essentially a dog leg hallway with TVs and VCRs on carts piled into it with a tiny walkway between them.

        "Why are we keeping all of these Televisions?"

        "There is not cable TV tuner on the computer projectors," was the answer from the Assistant Principal.

        "There is on every DVD/VCR combo in the classroom, though."

        "No One knows how to use those."

        "If someone was able to walk out to the room and set up one of these TV units, I can teach them how to set up the cable connection to the projector instead. It would actually be faster," I shook one of the less stable carts for emphasis, "and a hell of a lot safer."

        "Oh. No one ever mentioned that before."

        "I'm sending these out as surplus and keeping one or two so you'll have a backup, just in case someone who no one will change rooms with them breaks down."

        "OK. I guess that's OK. Do you think we can trade them in for newer equipment?"

        I didn't, that's not really the way things work in the district, but I told him "I check on that." Figuring I could ask, at least.

        I was a little depressed by how small the area was, and how disconnected from the rest of the school.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Freezing at Disneyland, New Job, Found Poetry

        I dreamed I was trapped in the Disneyland theme park over night and had to sleep in a hotdog stand on Main Street to keep from freezing. (It was very cold in our house last night.) When I awoke there were people moving about even though the sun wasn't up yet. One of them was a woman, blonde curls, about 5 foot tall and 6 foot around. She called me by name.

        I said hello, and then asked who she was, as I didn't recognize her. I did remember her name once she said it, but the name and the person didn't seem to go together in my head. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold on to the name after I woke.

        The second dream of the morning found me working again at a school site. I wasn't a Computer or Audio Visual technician, though. I was coordinating some sort of internship or job program, and teaching life skills classes as well. My office was in a little used room at the site, another person came and joined me, so we moved the table I'd been using as a desk into the middle of the room. We arranged the table to each work on opposite ends of it. There really wasn't room for two desks.

        Just as we finished settling in, the door opened and several freshmen looked at us with startled expressions. They were apparently expecting to take a shortcut through the room to get to the Library on the other side of the room (Two doors, one to the outside on the short wall with windows, and another at the end of the hallway.)

        It was at that point that I realized that our office had really been a hallway and storage closet. Nice.

Found poetry from the spam filter at work:

I who exigent

In laurelville before exaggerate

My pain is gone...

With twin so sandstone

So those barrage

Is it true?

Ad astra per technica,


Friday, March 23, 2007

Gentle Morning Voice

I may not be able to keep from eating you, because Im always hungry.

I think thats the second longest voice hallucination Ive ever awakened to.  Needless to say I got out of there in a hurry. I know I had other dreams before the voice, but they are forgotten in the adrenaline surge.

Ad astra per technica,


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Programming? Me?

I dreamed I was writing a game, and in the process I was normalizing the data tables for said game. I dont know now what I was creating; other than I had location tables, Time or Turn tables and an Entity table that had surprisingly little data in it. One of the tables had Time, Location, Entity fields in it. All three keys made up a combined primary key. (Each entity could only exist in one place at one time.)

I was thinking the table would have to be huge, but then realized that if you only had one time and location with an entity; it could just sit there until it was picked up or its schedule was somehow changed. You wouldnt be able to know where something was by simply querying the DB, but you could figure it out in the program by looking backwards to its last known location.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Battlestar Galactica, Waking up

       I dreamed that the fifth unknown Cylon in Battlestar Galactic was...the cat.
       I woke up, petted the cats, tossed some food out on the kitchen floor for them because I couldn't find their food bowls inthe dark. I then ran out front to get the paper, while clad only in my underwear, no one was out and it was really dark and foggy anyway.
       Running out to the front of the house caused me to break out into a sweat. I really need to start exercising more.
       I decided to toss my underwear into the washer, guess I'll be doing a hot load first.
       I fired up the computer to write this morning's Drog in KWrite, and then I posted it.
       I stopped at N's bathroom to start up the hot water. (We put two shower heads in her bath so we could share, or if showering alone a person would never have a "cold" side.) Then I tiptoed out to the kitchen to get some water and a box of raisins.
       After Breakfast I took a nice hot relaxing shower, but I still couldn't stop sweating. I came back into the bedroom and laid on top of the covers. Saturday mornings are nice that way. Ginger came in and licked me on the nose to wake me up.
       When I woke up I was under the covers, for a moment I wondered how I'd gotten under the covers, then realized I was still in my night clothes and N was still sleeping.
       The whole morning had been a dream. N got up to feed the cats, so I didn't end up repeating the whole morning. She was able to find the cat bowls.

Ad astra per technica,

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bed Bugs, Red 9

        I dreamed of bed bugs. Antlike creatures crawled under the covers over my arms and hands. I woke and pulled back the pillow.

        Nine red queens were lined up in a row. Each queen had about nine tiny dark attendants swarming around the square inch she was in. On the right side of the line (which stretched to the head of the bed away from me) there was a group of about five males for each queen. On the left side of the queen was an inch square block of soldier ants arranged in neat rows. It looked like a three by three block for each queen.  The soldiers looked like they were lined up for battle. Further to the left was a looser block of workers, about nine by nine. The soldier and worker ants were a dark cherry color, while the queens were the color of oak.

        One thing that weirds me out is crawling biting insects. To see them arrayed as if for battle was really unnerving. I yelped. The array broke formation and began to swarm in random directions. I thought I felt some crawling on my arms so tossed the pillow over the end of the bed.

        I realized that I now didnt have anything in hand to sweep them out of the bed. I have another pillow there, but it was also covered with the randomly swarming bed bugs. As I reached back to slap the pillow (hoping to knock a significant number of invaders off the bed) I felt a warm raspy and slightly wet stroke on my nose.

        Ginger meowed in my face, I shook off the dream, resisting the urge to grab the flashlight and check the bed. I pulled out a half numb half pins and needles feeling hand and scratched Ginger between the ears. She calmed down, licked me a couple of more times, then settled in and started purring. Apparently my nightmare had caused her concern and she was just checking on me. This is the second time shes awakened me from a nightmare, probably a good thing, as I doubt I would have remembered this particular dream.

        I did notice the Red 9 theme popping back up. I still havent worked out what that is supposed to signify.

Ad astra per technica,


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Found Purse, Frost Damage

       I was in the middle of a huge action adventure dream. All I remember is jumping over a wooden fence as I could when I was 11 or so. Then the cats got into a "you startled me so I must hiss" confrontation and I had to deal with that       After getting everyone calmed down and settled at their food bowls (It was only a few minutes before their normal weekday feeding time) I went back to sleep, and surprisingly had a couple of more dreams.

       One dream was of being in a room at an office I was unfamiliar with. N and I found a purse and a couple of pill containers, all three items tucked under a table cloth that had obviously been pulled down to cover them up. The pill containers were both two colored, blue and red, one of which had one chamber with mostly melted ice and the other with foil tubes of some medication. It was a mix of used and new tubes. The other plastic container had a wide assortment of pills in it.
       I opened the purse, there was no wallet, but there was a section of the purse about two inches thick with coupons and receipts. (When I told this to N later in the shower she asked if it was A's, but because of all the drugs I thought it might be his wife's purse.) The fact that the purse itself was a sort of red, purple and gold brocade didn't lead me to think of it as a 'man purse.' Since we were the only ones in the office we took the purse and pill boxes to the receptionist.

       The second dream of the morning found me and N again out on the patio of our house. We were going through the frost damaged plants of our potted plant jungle. One of the larger plants had broken down to just a stick out of the pot, with an older pot around its base. I took apart to smaller sun-brittle plastic pot from around the base of the small trunk. There were new shoots around the root line, and a nice green crop of variegated clover growing around the trunk as well. We decided to trim back the damaged parts and let the tree grow back.
       I suggested that perhaps we could turn it into a sort of Bonsai, as the clover was a miniature variety.
       This was one of those completely normal, solidly real dreams. A dream that, if it were not for the fact that we don't have such a pair of pots with a small tree growing out of the center, I would almost call it a memory.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mountain Mansion in the Rain

       I dreamed I was in a mansion with three or four other couples. It was raining outside when everyone decided they'd better head home before the roads flooded. I offered to put them up if they wanted to stay, but there were no takers. We went out into the sprinkles and they drove through the tunnel under the main road to get to the on ramp. I climbed up the steep hillside so I could wave to them as they went by on the entrance to the main road. By the time I got to the top of the hill it was raining hard. The roadway had become a canal. The first car load stopped at the top of the drive where it started to dip back down to join the road.
       The driver rolled down the window and asked if I'd still be willing to put them up.
       "Sure, meet you back at the house."
       "Do you want a ride?"
       "No, the water's all ready running too fast." I turned and started back down. The water off of the main road was shooting out one of the drains that led it past the house and down into the valley that was essentially my back yard. I noticed that there wasn't as much water draining off the road as I'd seen in the past, so I began to become concerned about breaks in my drainage system. The drivers reached the house before I did, as I was being careful climbing down the now wet rocks.
       "Can we help you down?"
       "No, let me open the garage, I'll meet you around the side of the house." I gestured to the left side of the house where there was a covered porch off of the garage.
       I made my way down, noticing water leaking between some of the larger rocks that made up my retaining wall. I followed the sound of water running under ground and discovered that the extra water was running through some old drains, ones that I hadn't removed when I created the new ones. I was glad I'd left the old system in place, it was working well, and there was a huge waterfall coming out of the hillside about twenty feet down slope off the end of the garage porch. Two of the couples met me on the porch.
       They all expressed concern at my being drenched, but I told them the hot tub was waiting and I would be fine. (My clothing was wool, so I wasn't really cold, and the rain was actually somewhat warm, it being summer.) I pointed out that the other couple had made it through the torrent of water on the flat part of the road and we could see them making progress down the hillside. They were in a large Hummer like vehicle, so I wasn't surprised that they'd chosen to fjord the stream. My current guests were all stuffed into a small sporty BMW that rode closer to the ground than my electric car. I'm sure they would have been swept off the road and floated over the hillside down my makeshift drainage stream.
       "Doesn't your tunnel flood?"
       "No, if you look closely, you can see that it has drains on either side, and it slopes down away from the house. The water goes into a basin on the other side of the ramp. That basin is what feeds the waterfall down there." I pointed to the new waterfall at the end of the porch.
       "Cool, but aren't you worried about your house washing away?"
       "It's been here almost 200 years, I don't think it's going anywhere. The original engineers were geniuses."
       We went back inside as the air was beginning to turn cold and my kilt was starting to feel a bit drafty. I wanted to take my guests down to the basement where they could actually hear the water rushing through the rocks on its way to the falls. The basement also had a bay window that overlooked the valley, and it was just about eye level with the top of the waterfall, so the view in a heavy rain like this was pretty spectacular.
       "How much food do you have stored here?" asked one of my guests.
       "Enough to get through about 6 months, maybe only two if all of us are trapped here."
       "Is that likely?"
       "Not in summer, If I have to I can get a helicopter to come and fly you and your car out. About four days is the longest the road has been blocked. This storm will blow over by tomorrow and you'll be able to leave by evening. Though you should drive up to the top of the hill first, the view of the valleys is really something after a warm rain like this."
       I awoke just as we were all stripping to climb into the hot tub before dinner.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

SNL Nude on CNN, Poway's Zoological Ranch

       I dreamed the Jane Curtain era cast of Saturday Night Live was having sex live on CNN. I tuned in just as they were taking a break. Jane Curtain had slipped into a silky robe and was leaning over a chair, facing the camera, talking to a CNN correspondent while flashing her breasts as the robe flared open and closed with every breath. There were a couple still active behind her. The CNN logo and crawl blocked part of the view of the couple and Jane's breasts. The sound in the restaurant was too loud to hear what she was saying.
       "Slow news day."
       "Better than bombs and bullets any day."
       "You can't see anything, though."
       "You can always hope they come back after the break."
       I'm not sure who I was talking with in the dream. I wish all news days could be like that.

       Before that I had dreamed that I had the power to be invisible, and to then touch things and make them invisible, or to at least see through them. A group of us were at a hotel and I was idly walking by rooms and touching a fingertip to the hotel room doors as I walked by. I could see through them to the people inside. There's a lot less sex in hotels than I thought, and a lot more partial nudity.
       Later I was being chased by people on motorcycles. They had night vision or infra-red goggles and so they could see me. I jumped a wall around a corner and then pressed both hands against the graffiti painted cinderblocks. They vanished. The motorcycles came around the corner, and raced down the alley, directly into the wall. I could feel them strike the wall. I pulled my hands off and the wall filled in ripples from the edges to the spots where my hands had been. I walked out of the alley, visible, holding on to my jacket to keep it invisible, every couple of blocks I ducked into a doorway and allowed the coat to become visible. I got the idea that I could easily wear three different colored garments and switch which one was visible as a means of making a small disguise.
       Being fully invisible was difficult, people would try to walk or drive through you.

       After checking on all the sick cats I returned to bed. I dreamed of the ranch on Pomerado, long gone, that had hosted some of the hoofed stock that was bound for the Wild Animal Park. I loved to ride my bike out there and watch the buffalo and zebras. There was also ostriches and, in the dream, a half dozen lions. Now, in the history of my real life, this never happened, but during the time of the dream, and several hours afterwards, I would have sworn that the memory was the real deal.
        Even now, I want to say I used to ride down to the ranch across from the church and watch the buffalo and zebra herds. I know there weren't any zebra herds there. (The buffalo and ostriches were there, just not in that exact place, and probably not together.)

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Random Scenes

        I had just piles of Random images. We were walking down bleachers full of students. I was tired of walking around and over them, so stepped out into the air and the rest of the staff behind me followed. The staff approaching the stage from the other side started doing the same thing. It was pretty impressive.

        Again, I interacted with the white plastic jug full of water. I wasn't threatening S with it this time. It was just floating out in the air in the back yard.

        I was shooting video for a class when I noticed that one of the young women had taken her top off. I stopped shooting and explained that she would have to put her top back on, even though she was on the 'skins' team.

        She argued that she had smaller breasts than some of her male team mates.

        I told her that in a perfect world she could go topless whenever she wanted. I didn't want to be put away for video taping cute teen "over-easies" (testing the Penn Jillette theory that every plural noun in English can be contextually substituted for breasts and be understood.)

        She pouted and put her top back on, but tied it up into a halter like shape. (Actually that was much sexier looking.)

        Next I was in the hot tub when the wisteria tree lifted the concrete and sloshed a couple of gallons out past my ears. I thought it was an earthquake at first but leaned over to see the concrete slab being lifted by a supervegitable root system. The grape vine, on the other side of the slab, not to be out done, lifted the tub back to level. "OK, this is a weird dream," popped out of my mouth and I found myself instantly back in bed.

        A furry heavy presence was crushing the breath out of me, and I couldn't move. 'Fine,' I thought to myself, now I'm having a hypnopompic (SP?) hallucination. Sure enough, I was able to take a bit of control and turn the furry beast into a cute red-head; unfortunately the difficulty breathing didn't go away. I struggled awake.

        Little John, all 19 pounds of him, was curled up on my chest, his back over my nose and mouth. There really was a red-haired beast crushing my chest and keeping me from breathing. I guess I wasn't really hallucinating, then.

        Mom was in the dream right after I convinced John to move down a bit. I couldn't tell what she was trying to tell me. E showed up a bit after that in her motorized chair, she was outside the glass doors, trying to tell me something about the hot tub. (Recurring theme?)

        Dreamed N was on top of me, sneezing, then telling me "You're not driving right, let me drive."

        "OK," I said, but because we were just lying in bed, I didn't know what that was really going to accomplish.

        I got out of the car, from the driver's side, I noticed, and walked into the gym at MB, only it wasn't the gym inside, it was the old MPR. I couldn't explain it so walked out, then in again, each time it was a different room, sometimes not even one that was at MB, but mostly.

        "OK, this is odd. I don't understand and I don't want to figure it out." When I turned to get back in the car, intending to drive back home, the car was gone, then the school was gone, and then I was on the side of a barren hill with night sky and a cloud of stars all around. I felt a warm breeze and was lifted off the hill into the stars.

        There was a carburetor with a bit of a fuel line still attached floating near me. I was wondering where the fuel filter had gone. (Not any thing else dangled, just the fuel filter.) I looked around for it, even checking my pockets, which seemed only to contain one old fingernail and a couple of used tissues. (No fingernail in my PJ pockets, but there were a couple of partly used tissues.)

Ad astra per technica,


Friday, March 02, 2007

Portal Attack, Jedi Mall, Hotel Dream

Three Dreams.

       Paper Doors and Green Laser Holo door. Keeping the zombies out with a maul, and folding, and tearing. Very intense dark visuals.
       The first rift into our world was two pieces of paper, black on one side, white on the other. They were on the floor next to one another with about a half inch folded up at 90 degrees on their common side so you could see the black of the other side in the narrow gap between the two pages. You could also see things moving in the darkness between the two sheets of paper. I slid them together, sensing something way out of kilter with them. A dead looking hand tried to force the pages apart. I pressed the pages together as tight as I could hold them by their half inch "handles" I could feel something striking the underside of the page. A couple of fingers poked through the gap between the pages. Someone, I didn't see who, brought me a maul. I tapped the hand that was coming through the gap against the floor. The hand withdrew and I slid the pages together facing one another. I pressed them together with all my strength, still feeling hands bumping against the paper, even though I had both sheets off the floor. I pressed the folds down flat against on another so there were just two white sides, flat. Though you couldn't see anything, if you put a hand on the pages, you could feel the blows coming from the "inside."
       I don't know what made me think of it, but I held the pages up and began tearing tiny pieces of both pages, keeping them pressed together while I ripped. The small pieces drifted off to the floor, now white on both sides. I continued tearing the pages apart until there were no shreds left larger than a dime.
       The creepyness went out of the room, but I still knew we weren't done yet.
       "Something or someone is causing this."
       I picked up the maul and headed to the staff cafeteria to ask some pointed questions.
       When we arrived there was no one there. The lights were out, and wouldn't go on.
       "That's a bad sign in a monster movie. Maybe we should go back." My companion hesitated at the doorway.
       I stepped into the cafeteria. I could see an old video projector aimed across the room. It was really an old model, about 60 pounds of 80 characterwide 23 lines deep green screen. There was no image, though, just an oval shape, lit with the eerie green light in the center of the cafeteria. The oval was about two feet high and six inches across. It was spinning vertically on its long axis, getting thicker and thiner as it turned. I couldn't tell if the shape wasn't circular in cross section, or if it was changing, like breathing.
       Suddenly, a very solid looking hand appeared in the shape and thrust out from it.
       I ran forward with the maul, swinging it around to build momentum. Soon it was whirling in circles like one would twirl a hammer for a hammer toss. I moved into where I would swing through the beam and strike the area just where I thought a body would be attached to the arm that was now poking through the ellipsoid, stretching it wider. I struck nothing until the second pass, there were shapes from the projector reflected back off the head of the maul, and then the maul's head vanished momentarily into the shape. I felt contact, solid but giving like a body, and the arm and hand were pulled back as I followed through with the blow.
       The ellipsoid quivered as the maul passed back fully into this realm. I began spinning faster, windmilling the maul through the space of the ellipsoid while shouting at my unwilling companion to shut off the projector.
       My companion didn't come into the room, however.
       I repositioned myself so that I was tearing at the ellipse and moving it closer to the projector. Even though I knew it wasn't the optimum choice, I was trying to drive the opening closer to the projector so I might be able to knock the power cord out of the socket, or failing that, just smash the projector. I knew that if I smashed the projector, we would have to find the rift all over again, because something else, not broken, would become the new nexus for a portal. Only by allowing the projector to remain intact could we just power the portal generator down without causing it to shift somewhere else.
       I tried to explain this to my companion while swinging the maul, but I was getting sore and tired. I moved close to the power switch but out of the beam and even further from the power cord, which came out of the bottom of the projector and was held in by a screwed on metal plate. Another zombie tried to make it through the portal when I moved to within reach of the power switch. I sped back, slamming the dried dead creature back to where it came.
       "Please, just come in and turn the power off," I pleaded.
       But my companion had run away and I was there in the dark and green cafeteria, alone.
       My shoulder began to burn from the effort of lifting the maul each swing into the upper part of its orbit. I missed the oval green and black swirl completely, and it jumped away from the projector back out into the center of the room. I could see more Zombies approaching the gap. Desperate, I swung the maul around and flung it at the oval. I didn't even watch it go, turning and slamming the switch into the off position. I didn't hear the maul hit the ground in the room with me. I didn't want to turn around.
       This could make a really creepy short film.

       Jedi at the Mall
       My Jedi Partner and several others were joined by their apprentices in a test hosted on a world that seemed to also host a large number of huge shopping malls. My partner and I found several gemstone hearts (he found one I all the others, then discovered it was all a trick to find Jedi who had the ability to find things, and then to kill them. I was bummed by this, because I was holding the bag with all the gemstones but one that had been found. I hadn't been using the Force, either, just being observant of the tracks in the still wet lawn outside the mall.
       There was also me escaping to try to use the Force to encourage the Mall visitors to get to their vehicles and exit in an orderly fashion. I couldn't really use the Force, though, so I just stood there waving my arms and asking people to leave calmly as the planetary defense force was coming to arrest people. That worked.
       I managed to sneak back and rescue my partner Jedi and several other apprentices. There was a cool sequence of flying through a gauntlet of attacking fighters that looked a lot like the old black and white vector Starwars game.
       I jumped back down to the ground using a gravity belt, and was trying to rescue several other Jedi, who'd been rounded up and placed in a warehouse. There was a Rancor that had been upgraded with robotic parts into a horrifying chimera, part animal part machine. It was going to be used to try to kill or experiment with the captured Jedi, somehow the robotic parts were supposed to make it immune to the Force. I discovered that the mechanical nature of the beast didn't make it immune to shoulder fired missiles (not so graciously donated by a soldier of the planetary militia.)
       I was captured and brought up before the dark knight whose plan/experiment this was. He gloated that I'd only damaged the easily replaceable robotic limbs and the Rancor lived.
       I thought that was great, as that had been my intention. This made him angry for some reason.
       He then was handed a bag of seven gemstones I'd accumulated during the exercise. I didn't see any reason to tell him that I was holding one of them for the Jedi who'd actually found it.
       Turns out there were only nine to be found, and with my halfdozen, and the one still in its hiding place, all of them were accounted for.
       There was an explosion in the warehouse. The Jedi were escaping. I hadn't really had time to have anything to do with that.
       "Let them go, we have the ones we need." Apparently the other Jedi who'd found a gemstone had been killed during the initial capture. (The PDF had found the other stone on a Jedi body.)
       The Green Robed Dark Jedi turned back to me. "Where's your lightsaber?"
       "I don't have one."
       "You're not a Jedi?"
       "I didn't say I was."
       "You're too old to be a padwan."
       "So they keep telling me."
       "You're not trying to resist or summon help from the other Jedi. You're not really expecting them to rescue you?" He looked at me. I could tell he was trying to learn something through the Force, but I couldn't tell what it was. As far as I know I was completely blind to the adventures of Midichlorians. I was, however, really good at finding things.
       I offered that I thought he was going about the whole evil overlord thing all wrong, and that he had some much better options for keeping hold of his power. That seemed to intrigue him.

Hotel dream with random images.
       People kept coming through my room while I was trying to get into the shower. Elizabeth, N, Drama students, and the cooks for breakfast. Breakfast was served and there were stacks of pancakes and sausages on the side of the large outdoor grill, like we used to do for senior breakfast at the Mount.
       I was then hearing arguing from next door and opened up the connecting door. It was a team from another HS. I asked what they were working on, then let them calm themselves while explaining it to me. I asked a couple of very directive questions, and soon they were off running in one direction again.
       They asked how I knew so much and I explained that I was coaching one of their competitors teams, but in drama not science. "I wish you were our coach," one of them opined.
       "I work for the district office, you can always call me." I tossed him one of my cards.
       "IT department, not drama, it says here."
       "Well, everyone needs a hobby, right?"

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Marsh Drive

        I dreamed of more car stuff. Mostly driving around in the countryside, lots of lush marshy terrain, not a bunch of roads, even sometimes when turning around to go back the way I came. N was there part of the time and the rest I seemed to be driving alone. The vehicle was not Cecil or Little Red, the two most common cars I drive in my dreams, but a vehicle that was small like Little Red, but beige like Cecil. The dashboard and controls were wood colored, dark, and very rich feeling, almost warm and alive.

        There were a couple of moments in the dream where I skimmed over the ground rather than riding on the ground, but that seemed to use a lot of fuel, so I didn't use that mode often. The only time was when I would run out of road, which happened far more often than in real life. (Whether that's a good thing or not, I haven't decided.)

Ad astra per technica,