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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It Was There the Last Time I Checked.

Apparently I really believe that, as I heard that spoken by an unseen person in my bedroom twice this morning, right before the light woke me up. (I've put a light on a timer to help me get up without the shock of the sound from the alarm clock, so far, it seems to be working pretty well; as long as my face isn't aimed directly at the bulb.)

Friday, February 21, 2014

An Ordinary Date.

Two nights ago I had an ordinary evening out in my dreams. The dream picked up as we were leaving the movie theater in town, and we decided to step across to the local micro-brew's bar and grill. Even though we were walking, we managed to get there before the folks who decided to drive around and try to park, so won the race to the good table in the quiet corner. (Most of the tables are in visual and audio range of three to four televisions, this table only has one facing it.)

We sat across from one another and I got a really good look at my date's face, she was no one I currently know. Long wavy dark hair, she admitted that it was dyed, and she'd been dying it since she was a teen, so really had no idea exactly what color it was now. It was sort of an obsession with her, visiting the hair salon every two to three weeks, basically any time the color didn't match at the roots, or she changed her mind about what color she wanted her hair to be now. Her hair was so full that I doubted that one could normally see the roots at all. She wore very little makeup, and her eyes and mouth were lightly wrinkled, but in a way that said she spent a lot of time smiling, those happy wrinkles were, along with her rather bright blue eyes, the features that had originally attracted me to her.

We talked about the movie. The photography, the lighting, the script and the story, each of us taking a turn proposing other twists the story could have taken. In all it was a delightful evening. We finished our dinner and walked back to her car, hand in hand. She was slightly taller than me, in her high heels, but the extra length made our strides match, as she pointed out. I smiled, deciding not to tell her that I was taking about two thirds of a normal step as she was essentially walking to tiptoe in a fairly tight knee length skirt. The sun was down and I liked how her blue dress and jacket had turned black under the sodium lamps. "Instant evening wear." I joked with her.

That led to a short conversation about work, and the time we needed to rise in the morning. We agreed to call when we were home from work to arrange for dinner. The date ended with a long full body hug. Our goodnight kiss was affectionate, but not particularly passionate, and this told me that our exclusivity was something we had drifted into, perhaps out of insecurity, or momentum, or a lack of other options (on my part, she was quite attractive both physically and mentally. I remembered being at fund raisers and other events where she always managed to attract a sort of masculine entourage. It was always a big ego boost when she sought me out and grabbed my hand, reeling herself into my side with my arm wrapped around behind her, fingers entwined over the front of her waist.)

I woke from that dream feeling content, and oddly hopeful.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Reunion, Flying Romance, Returning the Cat

In my first dream of the night, I was reunited with the Nerd Girl (Star Wars) who was my first flame. We are both chubby old fans now, and the fire of passion that burned through us as young adults has long passed, however, we did have a good time at one of our smaller local science fiction conventions.

I knew the reunion wouldn't be long lasting, however, as she reeked of camels. When I mentioned this, our long time friend got insulted and smacked me. I had to explain that I smelled not the spitting one humped kind, but the cigarette kind.

"Oh, sorry." 

"I asked for it, I suppose."

"She only smokes those to cover up the other smell."

"I smelled that, too, and even though I'm not opposed, the last person I was with chose that over me, so - not an inducement to explore a long term romance either."

"It would of been so romantic if you'd gotten back together."

"I suppose, but we didn't grow into somebodies we could love."

And with that I was off into the next dream. It was Almost a Super Power Tuesday! The woman I was dating had the almost a super power of flight (which I would argue is legitimately a super power) however, she could only fly if she was bottomless. (Which did limit the appeal of flying, at least for her. Not so much for the rest of us.) If she knew she was going to want to fly somewhere she would wear either stretchy shorts that were easy to pull down, or short, really short skirts and just pull down her panties.

My almost a super power was to become small, about 8 inches tall. The power, at least allowed everything I was wearing or carrying to shrink with me.

We seceded that it was dark enough to fly home after a long walk, so my GF pulled down her panties and indicated that I should sit on her backside.

"I think I'll use your panties as a hammock, you smell yummie." She sighed and lifted me into her underwear and we took off into the sky. I was quite enjoying the view as she had to fly with her legs slightly apart to avoid losing her panties, and me.

"You are so going to owe me when we get home."

"I'll be happy to warm you right up." The dream ended before we got to that part.

I love flying dreams and the flying theme carried over into the following dream. I had managed to locate my girlfriend's favorite cat, played by Teddy Bearheart, my orange tabby. He'd gotten out and had somehow managed to avoid the zombies by climbing as high up as he could, and then leaping from roof top to rooftop when the crowd below got too large and noisy. I managed to hear him mewling above the noise, and climbed up a nearby empty house, then leapt over to the one he had gotten himself to. We jumped to the next house in the row, I was deliberately making noise to draw them with us. We finally came to a house where the zombies couldn't break down the fence to get into the next yard. (It had been raised and reinforced at some point in time.)

There were several hang gliders roped down to this roof. and the entire south end was covered with solar panels. I tried calling down to the people who had to be holed up down below, but there was no answer, though I thought I could hear them moving around. It was getting dark, and the wind was coming up. I made a rope ladder from some of the extra rope and dropped down into the back yard.

Like my house there was a large sliding glass door. The living room held four people aimlessly wandering in the dim LED light. There were no curtains on the windows, they were trampled and bloody under the shuffling feet. I realized that I was essentially only armed with a short sharp stick, and there were four of them, but they didn't seem to notice me. I realized that the light from the LEDs must have made the coated window like a mirror, and they could only see themselves. I, however, could see that they had several book cases in the room full of MREs and dried goods. Enough to keep a couple of people in kibble for at least a year. I knew I was going to have to come back here to clear the place out.

I found myself sneaking around the back of the herd in the dark, then closing the gate of that house's fence behind them. At least the neighborhood herd was mostly contained now.

I climbed back up, and borrowed a second sling from one of the hang gliders. It took a bit of doing to coax Teddy into the sling, but I got him tied in and hung under myself. "Sorry about the bumps, guy, it's going to be okay."

I launched myself into the air on one of the hang gliders. The nylon rope paid out on a heavy spool that I could barely control. I took a few moments to get the glider under control and slowly climbed out to the maximum height the rope would allow. I hoped it would be enough to glide back to my own house. I let go of the rope and the glider immediately went into a nose dive, causing Teddy to shriek.

The herd looked up and I was headed directly for them. I managed to pull out of the dive a hundred feet or so above them and started to climb out, circling wide until I was lined up with the road that led back home. Fortunately I have a wide front yard. Only, I really needed to get into the back yard, as that had the only entrance into the house that wasn't completely boarded up . I angled over, judging my glide, and guessing that I was going to have trouble getting by the two story house next to mine. Or I was going to land in that back yard and have to jump the reinforced fence.

Unfortunately it became obvious that neither plan was going to work, the wind was behind me, and I was barely above the roofs of the houses on the mesa above us, the wind was getting turbulent and I couldn't control the hang glider. I managed to get us onto the roof of the house two doors down. We slide to the edge of the roof and I managed to get out of the sling. Teddy was howling and I could hear zombies out on the street moving towards us. I managed, somehow at the last second to grab a tree branch and used it to swing us out over the lawn and then back to the covered balcony of the house. This house had been locked up tight and we hadn't even tried to break in, as the lower story was completely boarded up. I let Teddy out of his bag, he immediately quieted and cowered at my feet.

I stood a long while, stick in hand, listening. The creatures outside made it difficult to hear if there was anything or anyone inside. The moon was up outside, on the other side of the room from the windows we'd come through, of course. I backed up to the wall and slid along it, Teddy slinking about five feet behind me. I made my way to the back windows and pulled open the curtains. Moonlight filled the main room. It had been set up as a TV room at one time, a big screen dominated one wall, and the bathroom and master bedroom were behind me. There was a small bar to one side of the TV, and stairs to the other. There was no furniture in the room. I stepped out into the room and could see dust float up into the beams of moonlight. I made my way over to the stairwell, it was full of furniture. I turned back to the master bedroom. The door was locked. I tapped gently. No answer, no shuffling, either. The bathroom door was locked as well. Teddy was chasing rodents in the moonlight. At least he would eat well tonight. I stepped out of the musty air into the night on the balcony. The zombies had shuffled up the street to investigate the noise of the now trapped herd.

Finally, a break. I called to Teddy, who picked up his unfinished meal and trotted out to me. We climbed down the tree next to the balcony and I picked Teddy up and ran for our house.

I stopped. There in the middle of the street was my GF from the Almost Super Power Tuesday dream. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Rescuing my girl friend's favorite cat." I just sort of stood there, confused.

She pulled down her panties and turned around, pointing to the cleft in her now bare and amazingly cute bottom. "Mount up!"

I shrunk down, with Teddy, and she lifted us up to her backside, then thought better of it and put us in her panties. She jumped into the air and flew up and around circling the house looking for a place to land. "Don't worry, we'll get the handsome kitty back to his owner. And then you're going to owe me."

You won't see that on the Walking Dead.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Mountainside Adventure

Was with a group of friends on a mountainside, scrambling around the rocks, goofing off when some of my male friends started making like we were all gay. This was right before a gal I was interested in showed up. I managed to extricate myself from the annoying bunch, but I could tell from her expression that the damage had been done. To her credit, she did let me explain that they were just horsing around, and I had been fighting to escape from their escapades. The fact that neither if us could find our pants seemed to help my case.

Later I was in the Dream City mall, lined up for the movie theater. There were a number of really old movies playing, and since it was after midnight, the theatre had closed thier box office and opened thier doors, allowing people to move freely from theater to theater, keeping the soda and popcorn flowing.

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