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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mint Juleps

        I was out with N and J in some sort of club. They didnt have Mint Juleps or even the stuff to make them, so we went to another bar.

        The second bar had a sort of nautical theme, and had large windows overlooking the ocean. I found that they had the stuff to make the drink, but no one knew how. After failing to talk two of the regular bartenders through it, I finally grabbed an apron and came around the bar to do it myself. J wanted crushed ice and N wanted cubes, so I made both versions. I then made more for a couple of the other customers.

        The manager let us get ours for free.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mom Yelling, and Time Slip

       About 3:06 I woke in a sweat. I heard my mother shouting “She is dying.” Since my mother doesn't have the habit of talking about herself in the third person, I don't really know who mom was talking about. It was still unnerving.
       Falling back to sleep I dreamed that a short, as in Tom Thumb short, man was in the house trying to explain in a barely audible high-pitched voice that there was someone after him. He pointed out the ripped out screen in the living room slider. I started to tell him that that was caused by our cats, when I realized that the cats were not any where around. I whistled for them and a couple came running out from under the futon, and I heard other noises from outside. The man sat on the door handle while I rounded up the cats, and tried to convince the kittens, who'd gotten themselves outside, to come in. A loud rustling in the ivy did a better job of convincing them to come in than I was doing.
       N came out to see what was going on. We stepped out on the patio, now only about 4 foot wide. The people we'd hired to add benches to the retaining wall had removed a large part of it, and extended it further into our yard, rather than into the hill as we'd requested. There were benches up on the now gentler slope of the hillside, but still not what we really wanted. Again there was the noise from the bushes. N and the man hollered “They're coming,” and raced into the front of the house.
       There was now a tunnel in the hillside, a time slip of sorts. I'm not sure how I knew that, but I knew it went to sometime in the late 80's. I tossed a couple of things through from this time, locking it into that direction of travel. I don't know how I knew that, either. But I could see people jump into a car and drive off down an alley way. I debated going back after them to protect the little man and N from further harassment. N stopped me, as I would have to ride the time out and would have to come back to her after about 20 years. I pointed out that I would be about as much older than her as she was me, then, so it wouldn't be so bad. Still, she didn't like that idea, and while we were discussing it, the time tunnel grew unstable and collapsed.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Alien Roundup

       I dreamed last night, that N and I decided that the garage kitties didn't have enough cuddle time, so we were going to sleep out there with them. We were all cuddled up together on the carpet in the middle of the room when Marvin piled under my belly and tried to bury himself under the covers.
       “What's the matter, kitten?”
       He shivered and I looked out of the people door to witness a large black pig with shining white teeth go by the door. I sat up careful to keep Marvin covered and held securely. A large multi-colored wolf like creature went by next, its back legs and tail were nearly hairless, and striped light grey and black in alternating three inch bands.
       “That's unusual.”
       I laid back down to get a wider view, another oddly colored pig went by, and then a small zebra, and then an animal I couldn't identify, and then another pair of the oddly colored wolves. The appeared to be talking to one another.
       I opened up the door to the house, and the kittens and inside cats who had come to visit the garage kitties with us all ran in, panicked. The garage kitties, cuddled around N, just looked up at me and out the door, then put their heads down as if to say, “Oh, them again.”
       I went to the back slider and pulled open the drapes just enough to look out. The wolves had herded their pigs, and goats and zebras and striped what-nots into a line against the retaining wall. They moved amongst them helping line them up and keep them quiet. The wolves banded tails made me realize they couldn't possibly be from this world. For that matter, I was pretty sure some of their herd wasn't of this world either. I managed to grab my cell phone from the sideboard and even remembered to fire off a couple of pictures, especially of the alien animals.
       Once they were all settled one of the wolves looked back to see me at the window. He nudged another wolf, when they turned to me, I waved. The hill shimmered, I quickly switched to movie mode, and the wolves drove their unusual herd up into the shimmering ivy, where they all vanished into the hillside. The hillside was still shimmering and I had to resist the urge to put the camera down and follow them.

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Another World, in My Dresser.

        I dreamed that I was living in a different place. Tile floor in the bedroom, for one thing. I was still using the chests of drawers I got when my brother and I were four and five. They are a little beat up, but still serviceable. In the dream, one of the cats had tossed up a monumentally squishy fur ball next to the dresser. The bile had gone under the dresser, so I pulled out the bottom drawer to clean it up.

        The open hole in the bottom of the chest revealed a whole alien world. There was a lime green scoop shaped bug about the size of my thumb-tip. Two smaller and darker versions of itself rode on is spoon shaped back. Five even smaller versions, almost black rode on their backs, two on the first, and three on the second. They were so cute I decided I had to have a picture of them.

        In the far back corner was a slightly moist looking brown toad. I was pretty sure it was dead, as I poked it gently and it didnt move. Along the back, there was a ledge with several small cat toys, a couple of bottle caps and a piece of string that came from higher up in the back of the dresser. It was tied around medicine bottle cap, which was in turn loaded with cat food pellets and other crumbs. The whole thing looked like a makeshift lift of sorts.

        I herded the bugs into the back of a small toy dump truck, so I could contain them while carrying them to the front of the house where the camera was. That was not as successful as I would have liked, as they kind of got spooked and started running all over the place. I didnt get a picture of them all stacked up together, but good enough ones that I might be able to get them identified.

        They escaped out the window and into the front yard. I hoped they would be OK, and tossed some kitty kibble out into the planter as a peace offering.

        I went back with some paper towels to clean up the fur ball. By that time the rest of the class had arrived (?!) and were debating the health of the toad. I went to pull out the next drawer up, but couldnt get it to move. The bottom of the drawer above it seemed to have fallen in and jammed it in position. I pulled out the drawer a couple above so I could empty the fallen drawers contents. This simple task was rapidly becoming more complex by the second. When I pulled out the top drawer, I noticed that I needed to secure the bottom of that drawer as well. I set it on the bed and turned back to my original, or secondary task.

        I noticed a similar ledge behind the top drawer. This one had several soda bottle tops, a couple full of water, and several with M&Ms, chip fragments and cat kibble stored in them. There was a small window pulley with string through it, the other end of which I knew went down to  the medicine bottle lid on the bottom ledge. There was something intelligent living in the back of my dresser. Something that used simple machines, and hoarded food and water.

        I was intrigued. The teacher, meanwhile, had pulled the dead toad out of the bottom of the chest. Look, it cant be alive, its hollow. All of its guts are missing. The teacher then proceeded to open up the toad and show everyone. He then reached in a pulled out the spinal cord. Its pretty dried up, too, been there awhile.

        I was a little grossed out, as were several of the rest of the class. I did my best to clean the bile up without removing the other drawers. I didnt want to disturb my stowaways any more than I had done already.

        After my cleanup was done, I emptied the second drawer and pulled its bottom back up into position. I put everything back, checking to make sure I wasnt disturbing anything alien. I put most everything back in the drawers, there was no sign amongst my clothing of the bugs or their handler.

        I gently slipped the drawers back and then went out front to see if I could find those bugs. I had the impression they might be important to whatever was living there, and I wanted to bring them back.

Ad astra per technica,


Friday, September 05, 2008

RV Camping.

        I dreamed I was going RV camping with Ns family. We had four RVs in a caravan. We pulled into a nice empty campground that sat on a bluff overlooking the ocean. There were tall trees on either side of the road. The RV hookups were parallel to the road, very odd arrangement, I thought. We coordinated our group via cell phone and there was much moving the RVs around to give us the maximum protection from the elements, and to allow various extensions to connect between the RVs.

        Wed parked the RVs in two rows, and then started working on getting the pop-outs set up and the 30 foot long canopies set next to one another (filling in the gap between the two RVs overlooking the ocean. One of my nephews got the bright idea to lash the telescoping legs to the back of his quad, and then drive the thing open. It would have worked, too, if he hadnt drove over my feet.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wizard's Tower

        I dreamed that I was able to control the forces of wind and earth. After defeating the recently ubiquitous alien invaders, in a so remarkable that I cant even remember how sort of way, I made myself a residence on the scene of my final triumph.

        I raised up a tower from the earth, shaping it with my power, and securing the alien landing area for myself. I locked the alien power supply away under the tower, tapping in to it to drive my own fantastic engines of computation and destruction.

        I turned to L, an old friend, I even made a section for you, I pointed up to a section of the tower accessible by a long shallow ramp set into the wall of the tower and faced with open airy arches. Theres a separate apartment for your mom, too.

Ad astra per technica,