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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Flying a Kite

Along an impossibly narrow beach we were having a picnic when suddenly our kite took off on its own. I managed to grab the line just as it spun off the spool. I was trying to hang on and have someone tie a knot in the end so we could continue to hold on. I was amazed at the pressure on the string and the pull of the kite. I also noticed that the string treaded its way past a couple of tall buildings, trees and through power lines. I was hoping to reel the kite in and relaunch in a clearer section of the beach.

Ad astra, Fermius

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This is T-Rex, He has volunteered to serve as my icon for this blog, at least until we find a good Firefly photo.

Beach Condo for R&M

Some friends of ours, R&M are looking for a home, after 12 years of renting, they've decided to try to get a piece of the planet for themselves. Last night we went to visit their new home, a condo on the beach. There was a lobby off of the parking lot with a little unmanned guard house. There were four condos off of the red tiled lobby, but each one had two doors leading into it. I thought this was pretty odd, R indicated that the second door was a storage area about the size of a walk-in closet. It had a second door into the main hallway of the condo. Inside the condo was R&M's stacks of magazines and art books, shelves full of toys and models (they are artists) and their furniture was open enough to sit on. The back of the condo had double doors leading out to a patio, which had a sliding glass door overlooking the beach, and a door to the north and south that went out to a path along the waterfront.
"Why three doors?" I asked.
"I have no idea, but it looks cool." said R.
We made our way back to the front of the condo and when I opened the door Miranda, one of our cats, was waiting patiently to get me to come home. (Really to wake up and feed them, even though, every morning, Midge feeds them.) I love the way my brain will add real life elements to the dream. Even though I sleep I seem to remain aware of what is going on around me.
One of Rod and James public offerings.
Rod is the one who looks like Colonel Sanders.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Drog Two Cybernetic Civilization Dreams

Part One: Walking tour of London with three couples. See the sites, enhanced by holographic overlays and instant access to historical re-creations.

Part Two: Tourist encounter area with Picts and Pirates, Two of the group, my date and one other cybercitizen are damaged by the technology malfunctions scenario. The Full Human woman goes to rescue her date (rather than realizing he's an avatar who will be rebuilt in a couple of hours. The system creates a cutlass wielding opponent for her. I toss her my fore arms so she can grapple her way out of the area and I distract the cutlass lass when she follows onto a nearby building. We escape to the roof, but the robot follows, creating mayhem in the building below us. I take my Gadget tools fore arms back and cut us a hole in the ceiling of a bathroom. The woman rescues a little girl and I take on the robot in single combat, defeating her by shooting the grapple past her, she stops to gloat that I missed her, then reeling a table back into her from behind.

Part Three: Pub Crawl to calm down. Our dates are being rushed to the shop/hospital, but are going to be OK. She didn't know her date was a human form cyborg. I detect some resentment about that, but she seems to be OK with me. I am not hiding my modifications. We are in our second pub when the announcement comes that there is a rolling blackout and all citizens will have to enter sleep mode for 4 hours. I can see my date is disturbed and a little disgusted. As the power is lowering, our other couple begins to argue about her throwing away his original nose, then him replacing his entire head, which has now caused him to be permanently on two medications instead of one. (A sort of hypercondriatic psychosis that happens when some folks completely leave their meat world bodies behind, I explain to the young woman.) She wonders why I don't shut down. I explain that I still operate the same as she does, by converting food and alcohol calories to energy. I am still mostly human, having only replaced parts of me suffering from muscular/tissue degeneration. (Wishful thinking?)

"Medical necessity only?" she asks.
"No, I could have withstood the pain with proper medication, but hate having to dose on painkillers continuously. I don't like the side effects."

Part 4: I walk her back to our hotel, the city is eerily quiet, all power is off but some safety lights. The stars are shining and the moon is half full just over the western skyline. There are shapes moving in the darkness of the alleys and some in the streets. Even the street traffic has stopped. Almost everything in London, even most vehicles draws its power from the grid. The only folks out are humans and Cyborgs like myself, and the municipal Police, Paramechanic and Paramedic workers. We say hello to a Bobby and a couple of bicyclists who are taking advantage of the slowdown to swerve through the stopped vehicles. The Bobby chides them to slowdown and be careful, "I have your licenses, no don't go scratching anything!"

She pulls in tight to me, gingerly working her way under the cybernetic fore arm she'd used the grapple from earlier. "You're warm!"

"Yes, the systems mimic the natural limbs movement, and the same processes that allow you to move your arms allow me to move mine, with some savings in size, thus the room for the tools and toys. Both systems produce heat. I can feel your warmth, too." I touched the back of her hand with my white and red cybernetic hand. She laced her fingers into mine.

Part 5: Back in her hotel room she sits down at her computer pad and begins to write what I know will become the basis of many future virtual and cyber realities. We work together, she creating character and theme for each space, myself modeling and rendering. Time passes, about 65 years, and though we never connect romantically, we are good friends. At some point her phobia of Cybernetics causes her to have an injunction awarded the allows her to broadcast a cyber free zone in a four foot radius. Cyber citizens and other AI entities must all stay out of that zone unless she walks or rolls up to them.

Part 6: She is wheelchair bound in the last year of her human life. She is working on what will be her last VR when I come to visit her. I wonder that I can remember when her white pixie cut was jet black, it has been so long. The State's Rescue Reader (brain preservation device) is floating four feet, precisely, from her. I approach her and kiss her on the cheek. I am nearly 100% Cybernetic now, everything except my central nervous system, and even parts of that are about to be replaced, my prime life will slip away in bits an pieces as parts of my brain run in parallel with its replacement over the next decade. She sets down her stylus and kisses me gently on the mouth. "I never treated you as well as you deserved, did I?"

"You have always treated me as well as you were able. I have no complaints." There had early on been hopes, but I knew the cybernetic arms and legs would always be an impediment. Over time I had become content, but a little sad that she had never found a romantic partner.

"You have always been my best friend." She looked over at the paramedic robot, "No way I can just slip away from this?"
"You are half of the world, they will not let you be forgotten or abandoned, you can only be left alone, mostly." I did not agree with the state's decision to rescue her into cyberlife, but for very selfish reasons wanted it. "Besides, who else would I have if you go away permanently."

"You're the only reason I'm going along with this. The new me will treat you better. I promise." She kissed me again. "We both missed too much." She turned back to her stylus and picked it up to finish what she was working on. "I have a new idea, let me just finish this."

She did not. The Paramedic moved in as she sighed her last breath and dropped the stylus. With her life the restraining order vanished. The reader glided in to cradle her precious brain.

I awoke, teary eyed. I tried to burn this story into my memory it was so detailed and powerful. When I fell back to sleep I awoke into the continuation of the story. I was completely human form, but able to shift shapes at will, she was identical to herself, curly black pixie cut, lithe and athletic. Still Cyberphobic, but not of me "You're more a fantasy creature than a robot. Besides, being a shape shifter is quite exciting sometimes." This time around in our lives was indeed different.

I was interrupted before I could finish burning this one into my memory, but the ending involved working undercover to trap a bunch of cyber criminals into thinking they had nuked the cyber realms and allowing them to "escape" into the upper world (which was now almost completely reverted back to a natural state as most of humanity was quite happy to live and "work" in cybernetic and VR worlds, most of which were created by my new bride in her prime life. I had to create a shield around her as the group at the last moment figured out that we were infiltrators. I distracted them with a cyber construct and we slipped out. I had to turn into a snake to travel along the tubes that paralleled the underground river. A commune of about 100,000 shape shifters in the form of a 150 foot 20 foot diameter water snake, very pretty blue white and green pattern, surfaced and she shouted "Jump on, we're getting out of here. When we get to the control center, I show you what you've been waiting for!" she teased when she saw my terror at the raging dark water below us.

I couldn't, not because I didn't have legs as a snake, but in the process of the passing years I had developed a distinct case of hydrophobia. I raced back into my mind to remember how much I liked to swim and held on to that thought, as well as the thought of her promise. I dove into the water and slithered onto the back of the commune. Working my way up to where the Creator was sitting at the head of the commune.
"Please, join with us, co-creator, please?" they asked. I knew the attraction, but I also knew that to join was to loose, in some part, that which kept me unique and continuously tied to my prime life, so I declined, but offered to share the visual creation memories of some of my worlds, including the one in which they now swam as a community of exploring minds.

Ad astra per technica,
Fermius Firefly


Monday, June 27, 2005

Adopt a Dog and House Sitting

I was out at an animal shelter when I spotted a black and white Spaniel/Husky mix with wispy hair and blue eyes. She was a beautiful and energetic dog, but well behaved (much like our neighbor's Australian Shepperd, KC.) After dealing with the paperwork and the adoption fees we set out towards home. I stopped at Poway Lake for a little stroll and the dog actually used the restroom toilet! I thought that was a little odd, but figured it made my job a little easier. She even flushed.
"Well, I'll have to come up with a name for you" I said. I didn't like the name the shelter had given her.
"My name is ...." she said, in a low bark-like but completely understandable voice "INSERT NAME HERE WHEN I CAN REMEMBER."
I was stunned. (So stunned it kicked my dream awareness level to maximum, so I don't actually remember what she said her name was. I'm hoping it will come back to me. Later in the dream process I started to be distracted by the fact that the name might be important.)
"Never talked, don't want talk, different."
Eventually I came to understand that she didn't want to be adopted because she was different, she wanted someone who wanted her as a regular pack member like any other dog. She was also much smarter than any other dog I'd seen, part of what had attracted me to her. "Well, can we do without the leash then?" I disconnected her and we made our way back to the "Gypsy Wagon" that I was driving around in. I told her to call T-Rex, who'd been very much in hiding since we picked her up. When she said his name he crawled out from under the bed and looked at her with a very confused expression, then jumped up in my lap.
They bonked noses and she said "Good T-Rex."
He huffed at her then climbed up onto my shoulders. After a little scratching he started to purr. "He's an old friend, part of our and your family. He's 16 years old now and needs to be looked after as he's not as fast as he used to be."
"That why me?" she asked.
"Yes, that's why we adopted you. You look like many of our best friends, who are now long gone." It was a melancholy moment.
A later dream had me in the house of one of my former girlfriend's. I was house sitting, staying up late watching something on HBO sitting around in my undersquares when they popped in through the front door, home earlier than expected.... I hopped up and ran into the bedroom to put on my pants. There were hugs all around and they were all nice and acted like they hadn't seen anything.

ad astra per technica,

Friday, June 24, 2005

Ghost Story.

Was walking through town with a high number of spirit tagalongs. Blue guardian spirits, red angry but innocuous spirits, and purple spirits that possessed people, definitely evil. I was able, with my blue spirit hand, to reach into a person's face a pull out the evil purple spirit. Then I would open a portal and throw them down into it "out" of our dimension. I did this to one or two of them just to be helpful. Suddenly I was seeing more and more of them. I hurried out of the area, a courtyard in front of a large corporate building, and some of the blue and red spirits helped by swooping through the possessed folks trying to follow me. Eventually I teamed up with a red spirit, he overlapped me, making me look like a purple spirit. He was angry and wanted revenge against the purple spirits, apparently they were responsible for his incorporeal condition.

We made our way to a less crowded venue, taking a couple of passing purples and tossing them "out" as we went. Eventually I found a hotel, just in time, our angry ghost had been becoming less and less angry as he helped toss more of the bad guys. He and several of the blues asked me to stay another day and to help rid the city of the rest of the purple possessors. I wasn't too sure I could do much more. Each exorcism was tiring to perform and I didn't think I could do many more.

I noticed, in my room mirror, about thirty spirits, both red and blue, each a variation of the shades that somehow indicated the primal state of emotion that controlled their afterlife. They were drowned and hit by cars, tossed off buildings, poisoned, shot, strangled, beaten and knifed. I was grateful that I couldn't smell them. Looking at them directly, they were just vaguely human shaped colors floating in the air, not really horrible or unattractive. In the mirror, I could see them as they were last aware of themselves. Each of their horrible ends could be directly traced to a possessed person or persons. Many had themselves been possessed, many had not. Some of them, the red spirits, really didn't care which it was they just wanted justice.

The spirits indicated that there were a couple of other people (living like myself, who could see them or were somehow able to communicate with them) who would also help, if I would stay. It looked like I was going to stay, but when some of the red spirits started throwing things around I had to throw them out of the room, not "out" of the dimension. I then met a pale-blue spirit; her story was very different. She, her body, was still alive, possessed by a purple spirit, she had fled rather than stay and fight in her own body, she had been looking for help, but until now had found no one who could even acknowledge her existence, so tenuous was her connection I had to loan her energy just to stay visible. I realized that though I could toss her possessor "out" I didn't know if I could put her back.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Eagle Riders

I was about 9 years old and was lost in a huge forest. I climbed a trail up to the top of a hill where suddenly I was surrounded by people on giant eagles. One of them was golden and without a rider. He seemed sad, so I sat with him and talked to him and scruffed up under the feathers behind his head. There was a giant louse, which I pulled off of him.
"Feed it to him," one of the riders said. The camp grew quiet watching us.
I fed the eagle, he took it and then crunched it up. Then he licked me.
"Looks like you have a new friend."
When morning broke, the riders were gone and I was alone with the giant eagle. He had a saddle and I was able to get it strapped on and, though scared a bit I climbed on.
We leapt from the hillside and bounded into the air. "I can see my town from up here," I shouted. There was a whooshing noise as one of the riders and his great brown bird dropped out of the clouds right next to me.
"Lets fly there," he shouted.
He then shouted instructions on how to use the reins to command the bird, (Rather than drag his head around.) The right rein was up and down, the left was roll left or right. Both forward was dive both back was dive.
"When you get better you will be able to tell him what to do without the reins."
We flew towards my home and spotted the town guards out patrolling. I shouted down to them and we raced back to town. Everyone was glad I was OK. That was when I realized that I was going to be leaving my indenture to the sheppard I was working for, and would be joining the riders permanently. There were some tears, and the sheppard's wife made big lunches for all of the eagle riders, and two for me. We took off and circled the town once then headed towards the distant mountains in the south. During the flight the eagle told me that his previous rider had been killed in a fight with a flying snake, the image was of a wyvern, and he thought he would never have a partner again. I was a little concerned, as I couldn't see any weapons, and all I had was a sling. We practiced throwing sling stones from the air, then we would dive and catch them before they hit the ground. The Leader of the riders watched with a huge smile on his face. Soon I was flinging stones everywhere and the other riders were whooping and diving after them. Then flying right on top of us and dropping them back into my hands. We came across a huge herd of Bison like animals, the riders swooped over them until they spotted one having trouble keeping up with the herd. I was unprepared for the hunt and the lances and the blood. But after it was over I calmed down and enjoyed the meal with everyone else. The riders had spread out and gathered some roots and fruit to go with our share. I noticed that my eagle was just finishing a molt, he was very young, also. I slept under his wing and must admit was somewhat disappointed to wake up here instead of there.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Visiting the Mansion Cat Roundup

This is a recurring theme in a recurring location. There is a mansion, one side, the front entrance is along a residential or park area. The back of the mansion is in the middle of a commercial block on a city street. There are shops to either side and a warehouse as well. Mostly the shops are antique stores (furniture, clothing and knick-knacks) there's also an icecream parlor. The ware house space is used as a garage. On the city side there are foursteps up to a landing and a recessed double door, ornately carved with stained glass sunrise over the dark maple finished doors. There is a small iron gate across the base of the stairs with a bell box.

Midge and I were visiting the owner, an elderly woman, and our cats were along for the trip. Miranda came in to let us know that something was going on outside (we were parked on the park side of the mansion.) Little John and Princess Tiger Lilly were in the foyer waiting for us. Our host was delighted by how talkative Little John is. Midge and I knew that the rest of the cats had gotten themselves out of the CUV (Cat Utility Vehicle) and were wandering around. We managed to get them all back into the CUV except Fawn Lynn, and T-Rex. T-Rex came to me, though. Eventually, as we were saying our goodbyes Fawn zoomed out of some bushes and raced up into the CUV. Our host invited us to stay with her longer and to please bring all of the kittys in with us next time. We thanked her and said we would stay longer next time, but now we just wanted to get home to our haunted house on the hill. (Also a recurring location.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Capsized Kayak part II

Multiple glitches this morning, this is the third try for this part.
    Scott and I hauled ourselves out of the water as we entered the cove. We were able to follow the bright yellow kayak from the rocky edge of the cove until it stopped drifting, having wedged itself in some tumbled rocks. There were a couple of mobile homes on the bluffs overlooking the cove. It was completely dark by the time we managed to make our way up to them. I wanted to knock on the door and ask if we could borrow some fishing tackle or rope. For some reason Scott was opposed to that idea. I looked around on the shelves outside one of the trailers and found a small anchor with some 1/8th inch cord tied to it.
As I started the measure out the cord a small arm reached out of the screen covering the window behind the shelf and grabbed the cord. Scott and the child began a tug of war.
"Hello, do you mind if we just borrow this for half hour or so?" I asked.
     Before I could get an answer the child's mother shot out the side door and began wailing on Scott with a broom or rake, I ran around the front of the mobile home, laughing so hard I couldn't talk.
     I made it all the way around the mobile home, just passing the door when a young boy stepped out to see what was going on. "I told you we should have knocked and asked first" I said as I grabbed the rake on a back swing. "He's had enough now, I think he's earned his lesson." I gave her back the broom.
     After explaining our trouble she agreed to let us borrow the anchor and rope so we could raise our kayak. She was amazed that we'd swam so far after it, "it must me more than a mile!"
     "I think it is shorter by sea," I offered as an explanation.
    At this point Miranda mewed in my ear because she wasn't being cuddled enough.

ad astra per technica,

Glacier Island and the Capsizing Kayak

Scott and I were in the interior of a large Island, It was all forest covered with a large swampy plane in the middle of a mountainous circle. We were inidially thinking it was volcanic, but upon closer inspection it had the signs of having been scoured by the retreating and melting of a glacier. We hiked far enoungh inland to reach the tree line and look up into the mountains where we could see the remains of a small glaicer.
"There's something you don't see every day" I said.
"Unless you live here" added Scott.
We hiked over to where the various runoff streams from the glacier joined a small swampy lake before rolling though the valley to the sea. We dropped our kayak into the water and rowed downstream.
As we rounded a bend in the forest stream we heard a loud roaring and found ourselves being drawn towards an unexpected waterfall. We went over the falls into the ocean and were tossed from the kayak in the process. I could see the kayak drifting along the ocean bottom, so we followed it along the beach to a nearby cove. It grew dark while we were following the kayak. The water was just a bit too deep for me to dive down to it.

ad astra per technica,

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


We (my boss and I) were delivering some old scenery items to the local college theater. RG wanted me to take apart the flats for storage, but they were already apart (short of destroying them.) There were a couple of archways I disassembled and then we had to lift the forklift up onto the truck so we could lift the stacks of scenery off the truck. In the process I ended up smashing something on my hand and bleeding all over the place. It took a couple of minutes to figure out where the blood was coming from, a dime sized hole in the palm of my right hand. It didn't really hurt any worse than the muscles in my hand normally hurt, so I didn't even notice it. I wrapped it up and helped lift the forklift out of the truck when we were finished.

ad astra per technica,

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cecil the Spacesick Satellite and Soccer with Sera

I was driving my Plymouth Satellite, Cecil, and had to stop and run
into the grocery store, the one that is a converted bowling alley.
-Recurring location When I came out of the store I had to turn the car
on its side and reattach the trunk. I did wonder how I was able to
lift it up like that. Suddenly I was having a tough time putting it
back down on its tires, but managed. The car was running the whole
time, because I need a new battery and didn't want to take the chance
of not being able to start it up. I stopped for gas. Once again I had
to tip it up onto its side to connect the engine compartment and the
trunk back to the body this time. It was easier to flip it back onto
its tires because I had the service station mechanic to help me.

Just before waking this morning I was sitting on a soccer field with a
few dozen folks, one of them, Sera Prim, recurring character not a
real person (that I know of) was holding hands with me. We heard the
starting whistle and all ran to our places. Sera to Goalie and me to
Forward. There was no one on our team who wanted to play center, so
everyone told me to take the position. Somehow I was playing much
better than I could ever really play. (Soccer was not really my game.)
I actually made a goal in the first 10 seconds of the game and passed
to my other forward for a second goal about 20 seconds later. The
coach yelled in from the sidelines that I was permanantly the center
now. Sera shouted that she was getting bored back there.
ad astra per technica,

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Time Shift, 2 inch high Alien, Dutch Door with BirdNest

Quick notes to try to preserve the wild images from this morning, have
already forgotten half of it due to the pressures of the day.

Was in a shop of some sort with a Dutch door in it. There was a box on
the Dutch door that had a bird's nest in it, and a lower container
with a red gelatin looking alien who was collecting the birds egg and
stacking them carefully. There was a loud bang from within the shop
next door and the eggs all cracked. The little alien was working
frantically to clean up the egg mess. I handed him 1 inch strips of
bubble wrap to try to cushion the remaining eggs.

There was a time slip. All of us in the shop somehow remembered what
was about to happen. We all jumped up and started helping the Alien
put bubble wrap around the eggs, as the clock neared the time of the
explosion I lifted the nesting box off the ledge of the door. Blam!
only one egg cracked this time. The alien asked if we should have been
trying to prevent the explosion instead. Only problem was, we didn't
know where the explosion came from, as it wasn't from inside our shop.
We anxiously awaited the return of the Time slip, ala Groundhog Day,
but it didn't happen. The Alien and the birds were very grateful. We
went back to work on their space craft so they could get safely home.

Read Ben Bova's Jupiter Last night before bed. While the dream didn't
seem to have anything to do with the book, I was definitely in a
science fiction mode.

ad astra per technica,

Monday, June 06, 2005

Aimlessly Milling About

Yes, the crowded happening dream. Dozens of folks crowded into a small warehouse, without purpose or direction, milling about, no one talking to anyone else. I could hear the muttering of conversation, even though I could see no one talking, see the 50's era clothing (or at least the Hollywood version of it) and in no way was I able to make my way through the crowd to where the conversations seemed to be coming from. No one I tried to talk to would respond, no one recognized me, and I in turn thought everyone there looked familiar. It suddenly dawned on me that the conversations were all in my head, then in a split second the whole thing was revealed as a dream and I could not keep the space going.

Usually I can lucid dream, once I know it is a dream, although long ago I stopped taking over the dream and now I typically let them play out, even the night terrors. I figure that my brain is trying to tell myself something and I should listen. I taught myself how to lucid dream from conversations I had with a nun about how to tell if you are dreaming, and the prayers you used to make the nightmare go away. I started being able to remain asleep and continue dreaming. Books borrowed from the public library several years later, when I was 12 or 13, helped me to completely take over from the nightmare. After a few years, I reached the point that I am at now, I can let the dream go, both participating in it and being the silent watcher.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A not Really Terrifying Night Terror

Some evenings the dreams are really night terrors. Waking up in a sweat, the fight or flight mechanisms fully charged and ready to go. Friday night was one of those. The odd thing is, I have several recurring dreams that are pretty much straight out of a horror novel, these don't usually become night terrors. The night terrors are random, and sometimes innocuous seeming. Friday was one of those. There were strange noises coming from the back yard. It was pre dawn, just light enough to make out shapes moving among the potted plants, hiding behind the biggest ones. I stepped out to check out what was going on. There were two little kids, about 4 and 6 I would guess, dark hair and darker eyes. The older one was naming the plants in the pots and telling the younger one what they were named. The names were things like "elephant foot, you can eat that," and "Silver scale. Don't eat that," She grabbed a handful of Oleander leaves and said "We make tea from these." I had to interrupt.

"That would likely kill you if you drank it," I said. I then immediately knew, as one does sometimes in dreams, that these two had been abandoned and had been living up in our ivy bower for some time.

The dream slipped out of the normal sequential time frame and jumped around, ending in the scary part, the state insisted that my wife and I take care of the three children ("dreamshift:character count now = 3," there was now an 11 year old as well), because we took in feral cats, and like the cats, the children had been found on our property. Social Services wouldn't even try to find their mom or dad. The children somehow had a document that listed us as their guardians. It was reading the document that sent me into the sweats and caused me to awaken.

Friday, June 03, 2005

What! Now I'm dreaming about Posting here?

OK, I have really boring dreams sometimes, like sitting here and posting to this site. Go figure. Likely because I was reading about the November Novel writing project and was contemplating making that commitment. Off to see Apple try to sell us on an Education Solution.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Drog from May 31st

Stopped for Gas at the old Chevron on the corner of Pomerado and Poway Roads. T-Rex jumped out of the car and ran up the knoll. I couldn't follow as it was too steep. He stopped at the edge of the cliff before Robison so I flew up to get him. (Whoa, didn't know I could do that.) Woke up with T-rex curled up under my arm.

Next time I slept I was playing a FPS that seemed to have a vampire/undead in a high-rise building theme. At some point I realized I wasn't playing, it was real and I made my way down to the ground floor rather than continue up to the top "final battle." I slid down a fabric panel from a 3rd floor railing overlooking the lobby and emptied my pistol at the chasing vampires. They gloated that they had me trapped now. The whole front of the building was glass, however, and a heavy chair toss soon made an opening I could race out into the park across the street. (The same park a couple of months ago I had flown across at night with Nan.)

I smashed a bench to make some wooden stakes and realized I had to lure the vampires far enough away from the building to trap them in sunrise, only a couple of minutes away. I led them to the stream and leapt across, furious, they followed along the other side until I came to a bridge across a culvert. They raced over the culvert, apparently the underground stream couldn't stop them. I ran back past the bridge. The one or two who'd stayed on the other side ran over the culvert as they knew there wasn't another bridge for quite a while and they were fast enough to catch me. It seems the undead aren't particularly smart once the hunt has been joined. I tossed a stake at my nearest pursuer, he dodged into his companions and I leapt across the stream. One followed, bursting into lightning like sparks as it crossed the stream. I staked him before he landed. The others stopped and hissed, taking the moment to sober up, the lead vampire sent two minions back towards the culvert. They climbed into the sunrise, bursting into flaming ash. The others, across from me, screamed as the sun crept up over the rise of the culvert. Another leapt across the stream, as there were trees and shade on my side, I staked him also. It was, by then, too late for the others. (If they'd all jumped at once I likely would only have gotten to one of them and the other three would have escaped into the trees where they would have had some chance to survive.)

I headed back into the city to find others to help me clean out the vampire nest, during the daylight hours.
The following dream had a couple of Sexy Blonde CSI detectives with whom my partner and I were having a very good time. We then had to straiten up and head out into a HS gymnasium to investigate a crime scene. It was apparently an alien cross dimensional invasion site. My partner and I were apparently MIB.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

If it is a Dream Log is is a Drog?

Been keeping a Dream Log lately, but only of the stuff that makes it to the first point in the day where I get to record it. I make no attempt, and will make no attempt to alter the flow of my day just to record my dreams here, so be warned, there is no likelihood of a regular posting.