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Fermius Firefly

A Dream Log, whenever I remember the dreams I've had.

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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Little Red as a Tin Toy

             I dreamed I was escorting a bus full of students to a contest of some sort. When the bus turned down a road that wasn't on the travel plan I became worried. The bus trundled on for several minutes and pulled into a self-storage yard, where a bright light from above shone down on it.
             The bus lifted into the air and was pulled up into the light. I pressed a button the the dash of Little Red and she turned into a little tin toy flying saucer, with us still inside, somehow, and we chased after the escaping UFO. I managed to catch up with the bus, and followed it into the rather cavernous bay of the UFO. I drove/flew us into a dark unused looking corner of the bay and Little Red resumed her normal shape and size.
             "I didn't know your car could do that," a parent who was traveling with me said.
             "I had it installed for emergencies."
             "I's sure like to know where you'd get one of those."
             "Actually, so would I."
             In another dream I was up at M and S's place visiting. Again with Little Red in her Tin Toy mode. Only I had put her in that mode with the remote and carried her into the house as there was no where to park on the street. I thought that was because M and S were having a party. They weren't though. It was only me visiting.
             While I was freshening up in the bathroom I found the medical insert for Viagra. I was trying to read all of the possible side effects. but realized that I wouldn't have time as the list was a couple of pages long. The funniest one was that it may "turn you and your twin purple."
             That got me thinking about my twin. I wondered where he'd gotten to, why he never contacted me, whether he was in trouble or not. Which in turn got me thinking, "wait, I don't have a twin." This pretty much kicked me right out of the dream.
             I woke with a splitting headache and difficulty breathing, so called in sick and went back to bed. I dreamed that I was sleeping outside and it had begun hailing. The hail thundered down around me. I could hear it cracking through the trees around me and feel it pummeling the sleeping bag, which was getting cold.
             When I woke I had all three kittens, their Uncle T-Rex and their Uncle Giles piled up on me, most of them pitty-pawing. The electric blanket had timed out and it was, except for where the cats were cuddled on me, very cold. Outside it was pouring and water was coming off the roof in sheets, overflowing the gutters. I love when my brain is determined to stay asleep and weaves reality into the dream.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

College Romance

        I dreamed I was 20 years younger and in college. My sister and one of her friends were enrolling in the masters program at the college. They were both taking courses from the same instructors with the same book lists. I told one of my friends about the courses they were taking, and the sort of goofy assortment of books.

        My friend worked in the college book store, so when my sister came through to get the odd collection of books, he recognized the books, and then made an odd assumption, that she was my sisters friend, who Id made indications that Id found attractive. He chatted her up and made a double date for us, him with her friend, who he assumed was her sister, and my sister with me. It looked like the makings of a very Shakespearian comedy, as my sister was obviously attracted to my friend and only agreed because she knew he wasnt her friends type so she might still have a shot.

        I was thinking, as I woke from this dream, Hallmark channel movie.

Ad astra per technica,


Monday, January 21, 2008

Car Dreams, Bus Dream

             I dreamed a bunch of random stuff. RB was being set on fire and about 12 people were rioting. I was driving through the area. Most of the fire and damage was on the other side of the divided road, but there was some leaking flaming fluid that was nearly burned out across my side of the road. I slowed enough to maneuver around the debris in the road and sped up to zoom through the oily burning patch. No one seemed to be angry at the little red hybrid type cars, so I was able to drive through without any hassles.

             In another dream I was in a ruined tower of stone, looking out over an overgrown orchard. I think the trees were walnut trees. I was pulling a load of rocks up the side of the tower with a rope and pulley system. I think I was trying to repair the tower, even though I knew the tower wasn't mine. We'd tried to find the owner, but hadn't any luck, even with the tax assessor.

             I was sitting on a bus, in the second seat on the passenger side. I had the seat pretty much to myself. I was leaning over the seat in front of me, talking to the person in that seat. A little girl was sleeping on the woman I was talking to. She was also holding my hand. I don't think she was my kid, though. The mom and I were talking about MMOs we'd played, from the original Net Hack Network version, to WoW. It turned out we were both on the same server.

             We had come to a stop in an largely vacant area, only some fence posts and a turn off showed that we had any civilization around. The child woke up and tugged on the bus driver's back to tell him she needed to go to the bathroom. There was no toilet on the bus as it was more of a school bus. One of the other passengers suggested the chemical toilet in the emergency kit. The bus driver vetoed that idea, instead pulling over to let us out to use the bushes. Mom and her daughter weren't the only ones who jumped off the bus and ran for the bushes. I stood up and offered a tissue from my travel pack to anyone who thought they would need it.

             Cats Woke me up several times during the night, especially during one downpour. I was actually dreaming that I was reclined in my car, trying to sleep in the cold, when it started to rain. It started to rain in my dream as well. I was telling the cats that we were fine, the car windows were up and the rain couldn't get them. They were very insistent, though, and managed to wake me up anyway. I petted them for a bit, until they calmed down and went to sleep. N's alarm went off at that point, so it was for nothing.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Side Swiped

        Last nights dreams all had a common theme. Being side-swiped. The first scenario was the most common. I was sitting in Little Red at a stop light when a truck came up and swiped the passenger side while trying to make a right turn.  Ugh!

        I was then on a boat racing at high speed across a choppy sea. I looked out and saw a plume of water off my port bow. I threw the helm over, but the sub surfaced almost directly in front of me and I bounced off the hull and immediately began to sink.

        The third one was the strangest. I was running up the inside of a large stone tower. (World of Warcraft influenced to be certain.) As I did so I was trying to stay to the wall side of the staircase. I spotted a Snow Saber rider charging down along the wall, so moved to the inner edge of the staircase. The tiger pawed at me and knocked me down off of the stairs. Ugh! Whump!.

Ad astra per technica,


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Invasion by Space Orcs

       I dreamed I was in a vey futuristic city with tall buildings, silver and grey cylinders with rows of narrow tall windows and hundres of antennas. I was looking out at the moon rise over the city, enjoying the lights on the tall buildings as they winked on. Suddenly, one of the building seemed to be surrounded my lightning, and then another. I asked a reporter who was near me (we were waiting for some sort of celebrity appearance) if that was normal.
       "No, no it's not."
       "I wonder what's causing it?" The sky was clear and the stars were plainly visible, even with the lights from the city. The air seemed very clear.
       I spotted a hightech looking dual roter helicopter, similar to ones I've seen in my dreams before, and it had a small stealth fighter refueling beneath it.
       "Do you think there might be a problem?"
       "What makes you think that."
       "Unexplained lightning on SciFi buldings followed by mid-air refueling over a populated city by SciFi fighter jets and helicopters."
       The reporter just looked at me like I'd come from another dimension. I was about to ask another question when a bulding far in the distance exploded into flames. Almost immediately the emergency birds began to call. Sirens pierced the night. The reporter began to pack his microphone and recorder to leave for the site.
       "I have an 8 Megapixel video camera, can I come with you?"
       "No, get your own ride."
       The reporter took off while I was packing up my gear, bringing in my holo sensors and pulling in my mini lights. As I was packing, I saw lightning hit the ground from our own bulding. I found a security guard and told him they should start evacuating the building. When he asked why I pointed him out the window to another tall bulding in the distance surrounded by lightning. It burst into flames as I explained that we were under attack.
       "By who?"
       "I don't know, but I intend to find out."
       I found my way outside and onto the roof. I hopped into a helicopter and we took off. No one seemed to mind that I was the only civilian in the aircraft, they just assumed that because of my press pass and gear that I was assigned to them. I let them think that. We were towing a new robotic air superiority fighter. I don't know how I recognized it, but I did. I also knew that it was a secret vehicle. (Though how secret was an open question, since I knew about it.)
       Shortly after getting some altitude above the city we prepared to release the fighter. We didn't get it unhooked fast enough. Large green skinned Warhammer like Orcs bailed out of their transport and slammed into the helicopter and one landed on top of the fighter. They cut the control and tow cables and we all went down for a crash landing. I was shooting it all on video and trying to negotiate a live link when an orc and I slammed into one another and fell out of the helicopter towards the ground. I managed to grab the tow cable, and reached out and snagged the orc by his armored collar. He was flailing about, but it only took a moment for me to get his attention and get him to turn on his flight jets long enough for us to drop into some treetops safely. Still, he was pretty beat up, both from the fall and the combat in the helicopter.
       "You guys are pretty tough for little fellas," rasped out of a translation box strapped to his throat.
       "Yeah, we may look peaceful, but you'll find we're full of surprises."
       As I helped him down out of the tree and splinted him up we watched one of our superiority fighters rip through the sky and take down a half dozen of his invasion fleet's troop ships and escorts.
       "This is not going as well as planned."
       "It never does. And we haven't even brought up the real armed forces yet."
       One of our fighters was crashed nearby, the one cut from its tow cable. An Orc had ridden it down, but was crushed by the tree branches as he plunged into the park. I managed to figure out his suit closure and emergency medical kits.
       "How do you know so much about our equipment?"
       I smiled, the instructions were printed in photo realistic images all over their gear, any child could figure them out. They grunted unhappily when their translation units told them what I'd said. The more badly injured one wanted to check on the pilot of the aircraft, as I had done right by them, and behaved with far more honor than they'd been led to expect. I took them over to the ship and managed to crack the cockpit open, it swivled up to reveal that it was just electronics and a data entry port with a few controls. Somehow I figured out the start sequence and got the thing humming. It shot up into the air, back into battle.
       They seemed to have a lot of trouble believing that I was just a civilian. I showed them my press pass, my camera, and the footage I'd taken of various models and actors over the last couple of days. They were both looking very confused. Since they were both injured (so was I, but I wasn't letting on.) I took them out of the park to the nearest police station. During the walk I managed to unload all of their weapons, so they had no choice but to allow the police to "rescue" me from them.
       Unless they wiped us out from orbit I figured this was going to be a long invasions.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Disneyland Closes

       I dreamed that N and I and several of our friends were at the final night of Disneyland. We were up by the castle, where there was a cute dark skinned girl rigged up for Tinkerbelle. As she whooshed by I could hear her shout, "Get me down from here!"
       We were in one of the closing out shops when a young woman came up and requested a chest scratching. "I don't mind, scratch everywhere," she told N. When the girl started to take her fluffy sweater off N stopped her by distracting her with a couple of pigeons that had been hiding on one of the shelves of stuffed toys. I managed to talk the store clerk out of a couple of empty bags so we could catch the pigeons, one was a squab, and take them outside.
       I let the crazy girl take the bag with the full grown bird in it and she followed me outside, where it had started to rain. It took a few minutes of looking around, but I finally found where the pigeons were roosting, and managed to climb up and put the squab back on the ledge where the nests were. It toddle over to a nest and sat right down. I had lost the crazy girl and climbed down to find her.
       The crazy girl had been distracted by a street vender and the bag with the pigeon in it was tucked under her arm. "Let me hold that for you."
       "Oh, thank you, you're so nice."
       I took the bag, afraid to open it and see what had become of momma pigeon. I opened it, she was ruffled, but ok. I released her, she flew around in a circle for a couple of loops and took off towards the roosting ledge.
       "I was buying popcorn for her and her baby, once the park closes, how will they get food?"
       "They can fly, they'll manage. We can leave the popcorn up by the roost, that way they can all share."
       "That's a great idea! When we're done can you rub my chest again, that felt nice."

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