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A Dream Log, whenever I remember the dreams I've had.

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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paper Demon

              I dreamed I was in my little shack (?) when I was attacked by a demon. It was invisible itself, but needed only to consume enough people to become manifest. I had a sort of game rifle, it fired several different little bits of ammunition. At first I was using it to pick off the folded insect like creatures as it created them. Certain ammunition worked only against specific type of critters.
             I started running low on the little stick ammo, the stuff that was good against the magazine page origami insects. So, in desperation, I tried a squirt bottle. As long as I got the critter before the last fold, that worked. Even just dampening the paper caused the folding process to fail. I found a pair of tree trimming nippers, the ones with the curved blades, worked great on the finished insects. The good news was they were only paper, so when you cut into them they fell apart and you could spray the remains with water. The bad news, I had a lot of loose paper in the little shack I was living in. Fortunately the paper in books wasn't apparently usable if the book was closed in and packed in a bookshelf.
             For hours I sat trapped in front of my shelves, crunching, cutting and spraying. After everything was a damp pile of mush, the onslaught was over. The demon, I could feel a connection to it, the few paper cuts I had hurt more when they were facing it, led me to it. I followed it across a series of rolling hills up to an old mansion that had been turned into a dorm house. I knocked on the door, someone opened it up just as the screaming began inside. Nearly naked and naked college babes started running around. I would have appreciated it more if I weren't frantically spraying the paper monsters that were attacking them. I asked if there was any room with more paper than any other. The RA, a cute brunette with dark eyes and a bowl shaped haircut took me to their work room. There was a floor to ceiling pigeon-hole case with stacks of paper letters precut in dozens of different sizes and styles.
             "For our bulletin boards," the cute RA explained.
             I started cutting the little folded insects and spraying them. A couple of other women arrived and started pulling the letters out of the cubbies and piling them on the floor. Two more women arrived with the garden hose from outside. after cutting and spraying we ended up with a huge pile of mush on the floor. There were also some soaked twenty something women who needed post shock cuddles.
             Sadly, that part was short lived as those of us with paper cuts felt the demon begin to move again. We all felt compelled to chase it down, and I began to wonder if we were being led into a trap. I managed to get everyone's attention and we filled up all the plastic bottle, trash cans and super soakers we could find before taking off after it.
             We followed the demon for a bit, then I realized exactly where it was going, there was an old paper mill down the road, but there was a more direct route to it. I raced ahead with a couple of others, ignoring the pull to keep up with the creature.
             We arrived at the mill. Most of the paper had long ago been carted out, but what was left had been folded into a giant multi-legged insect. The demon was trying to tire out its pursuers, and the pull to join the chase was strong, one of the women took off back for the woods. I was sure there were little paper cuts by the score out there. The cute RA tried to stop her, but couldn't. She wasn't feeling the pull, as she had not gotten any paper cuts herself. I realized she had yellow smileys all over her underwear. That made me laugh. She blushed from head to toe when she caught me looking at her.
             "Sorry, you're just really adorable." She made me wish I was a quarter of a century younger.
             I started cutting into the paper monster, feeling the bite of every cut in my own paper cuts. The women started spraying into the cuts where the fresh paper actually soaked up the water. We started working faster when we all felt the demon focus on us and the paper monster. I'd chopped all the legs and parts I could fit the clippers around and was pulling off the hinge bolt to use the sharp half as a hacking tool when the paper monster activated. Fortunately I had cut all its tentacles off and its legs were much shorter than it had made them. Several of the women fell into the mill, exhausted.
             It made for them, opening its maw to reveal several sharp spikes and four long tendrils I hadn't seen. I raced after the thing, slashing its back while the women sprayed it with super soakers. The RA jumped on its back, slashing with a couple of sharp pieces of glass.
             I used the hooked part of the clippers to hook the thing to slow it down. A couple of the women grabbed on with me. I let go and raced around to the front, almost wishing I hadn't taken the clippers apart. I started slashing with my right hand and spraying with my left. As I was successful I realized I had to back off and let it drink more blood, or it would just slink off. It had to solidify enough for me to be able to kill it. I realized, also, just as it began to solidify that it would require someone to die in order to fully enter our world, and in turn be able to be killed.
             I was bleeding and fading profusely from hundreds of small paper cuts. I tossed the bladed part of the clippers to the RA shouting "Stab its heart when it solidifies!"
             I faded away as it became a real giant insect, but one oozing its life out of its limbs. Like a successful teddy and panty clad Ahab the RA repeatedly jabbed the clipper into the creatures back, long after it stopped moving. I lasted long enough to see that no one else was dead and then all was black.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Recon Raptor Ambush

        In the first dream I recalled from last night I was part of a 5 person team set to recon through a jungle environment. We had a very nervous first-timer, so we gave them the shotgun, figuring they would have at least some chance to hit something if shooting broke out. The jungle was a fairly unusual environment for all of us, and the noises were a little bit unsettling.

        There was a loud bellowing and rustling from the trees behind us, near where one of the team had climbed up a tree to scout the path ahead with the IR scope. The newbie spun around and blasted the trees without really looking. When a human sized form came crashing down out of the trees I feared the worst, as did the rest of the team.

        Im okay, take his gun away! came from just above where the pellets had torn through the trees.

        I had run over to the fallen creature, it was a large ape, quite dead. I could hear protests from the newbie, but the rest of the team got the gun from him. We decided we would give him the IR gear and let him scout for us. I didnt think that would work too well, but agreed, figuring we would have to be even more vigilant than ever to stay alive.

        I was right to have disagreed. We almost ran into an ambush. Fortunately our point spotted the raptors in the gullies alongside the trail and we halted then fell back to a more defensible position between some fallen logs. When we didnt walk into their trap, the raptors became impatient and rushed our position. About nine large green and yellow striped beasts with purple scales around their lips and eyes rushed us from the forest. The four of us with weapons managed to hold them off, although I had to drop the large gauss cannon to switch to a pistol when they got in close. I dont know how I got the be the heavy ordinance guy, but I was. As per my normal dream logic, I didnt seem to be able to hit anything with the pistol, until I started aiming at legs instead of heads. We managed to take them all down with no runners. Our newbie came down out of the trees quite shaken, repeating over and over I want to go home.

        The second dream has mostly been eclipsed by the events of the day as it was a series of seemingly random encounters in a large shopping mall sort of place. Other than the phone kiosk and the crunchy frog vender, not really frogs, according to the small print on the sign, I dont remember much about the locations. My parents were there, several co-workers, some of whom I havent seen in quite a while, and just some seemingly random folks who I know, but cant ever seem to place. I was wearing a black silk shirt and a Hawaiian print kilt.

Ad astra per technica,


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Animal Train

I dreamed that I was stopped at a railroad crossing, but instead of a normal train, what went through the intersection was a number of giant animals with railroad wheels between their front and back paws. They rolled through the intersection, each animal about 12 to 15 feet tall and brightly colored even though it was night and there was not much light. Each seemed to have a light of their own. Someone in the car suggested "The circus must be in town."
       "That's no circus," I said with certainty. Although the display was amazing, I could also feel a certain wrongness about it, and wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.

Sad life note: Princess Tiger Lily (of the house Kittenish) also known as the Black Elephant Weasel, singer of the "mighty hunter song" and owner on one of the loudest purrs I have ever heard, had to be put down yesterday. If there is an afterlife I hope her spirit is where nose-biting is understood to be affection and belly bounces always result in breakfast. Reading the weekend paper will not be quite the same without her.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Student Fair

I dreamed I was at some sort of fair for elementary or middle school aged children. I was looking after the sound and lights in a multi-purpose room that was a small theater. One of the comedians was a slender blond gal in Daisy-Dukes and a halter top, fitting in with the 'County Fair' theme, but a little racy for a kids show. She told her first joke:

"Two feet, talking to each other as they walk through the mud. Hey, look back, you see that?
"See what? the left foot asked.
"There's something wrong with our butts!
"What do you mean?
"There's nothing but smooth circles on the back end of our prints."

No one got the joke. The girl looked stunned. Someone whispered in from the side "This is a children's show, don't you have any kids material?"

I offered to sound a drumroll and symbol crash then take the lights out. "No, said the voice, let her come up with something."

I left and made my way outside to where the yard in front was sectioned off with yarn and twine, all at heights that kids could navigate through pretty easily, but that an old fat man like me was having great difficulty. Finally a bunch of the kids ran over to help me out because "You look like Santa!"

I thanked them, and they ran back to their game, happy. I met with one of the teachers, who pointed out, before I could complain, that I'd slipped out the side door of the MPR, one they hadn't planned on anyone using.

I laughed and asked "where are the hot dogs."

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