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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Neon Gods, Interlude

       I told the woman, who’d come in response to the advertisement, that she was probably heir to a pair of large business office buildings. This was not strictly true, or even remotely true. OK, at that point in the dream I had no idea why I lied to her. The buildings towered over the industrial center in town and were overlooking a lake on the edge of the industrial park. The buildings were about 23 stories tall, brown (as in milk chocolate brown) with dark grey windows. There was a ridge between each row of windows that stuck out about two feet, on the left corner of each ‘fin’ was a silver corner protector. All in all they looked like giant pinstriped heat sinks. I took the woman to a small door on the side of the building. It wasn’t even on the sidewalk; we had to cross a planter to reach the unmarked door. It was set in between a couple of the ‘fins’ and opened easily to my touch.
       I escorted the woman through a narrow corridor; she remarked that this was certainly not ADA approved. I concurred, but told her that the ladders accessed from here weren’t either. I opened up another hidden door and we were in an elevator. I pushed the button and told her to go into the conference center at the end of the walkway. I told her that was the central control of the entire building.
       That, too wasn’t strictly true. The room did have a large set of computer controls, and several large monitors that could be used to watch various selected security cameras. But it also had a 3d laser imaging stand, large enough for a person, and a sonic manipulation chamber. There was also a small chemistry lab built into the place, which I used from a similar, but real control center to walk her through the “verification” process. I checked her DNA first, just in case she really was the heir (odds were against it, but I had to check.)
       She wasn’t the heir, nor even closely related. Impersonating the computer controller of the building, I had her go through the imaging process, used the sonic scan to thoroughly pat her down, and then ran her through several physical and mental agility tests. By the end of it I had managed to find a place for her in the company, and convinced her that the tests were inconclusive, and that she would have the opportunity to prove her value to the company if she so chose. I knew that she had a record as a small time con artist, so made sure that information appeared on one of the monitors. I assured her, that despite her record, the job offer was real. She accepted without hesitation and I used the computer to guide her to one of the activity imaging rooms.
       I had chosen to base a character in one of our upcoming games on her, so had her change into an imaging suit and had her run, jog, jump and use several of the props in the imaging chamber. I then fired up the sonic imaging system to allow her to react to the presence of another actor. Hands, invisible to her, but simulated in the chamber, touched and manipulated the woman’s body. The recording became more and more intimate, but she continued to go along with it, eager to prove herself to the company, and then just eager. She finally asked if she was getting a bonus for all the groping. I assured her that she was, and that she would be very popular with the company’s customers after all of this.
       I met her after the recording session and invited her out for drinks. I explained that the company had some dormitories if she didn’t want to rent a hotel in town. We needed to make another forty or fifty hours of recordings, and then she would need to be available to clean up items. We would train her, if she wanted to stay on, as a match-move artists as well as performer. Apparently we had several who did both jobs.
       By the time we’d gotten her settled into her dorm room, not far from my suite, we’d gotten to be very cozy, and I suddenly realized that this was a natural fit for the “Neon Gods” story, giving a good conflict generating pair of characters to the story itself. That broke the dream up.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Green Thing Breeding Season

I dreamed I was drifting down the side of a large mountain. The areas I drifted past were scorched to the ground. The hot debris was being pushed aside here and there where small creatures were tunneling out of their burrows.
The creatures were lime green, with nubby protrusions around their bodies. I couldn’t see any eyes or mouths, but could tell, somehow, that they were they. The creatures chattered at one another and began to swirl about in the air, diving to the aid of others who were still buried in ash and embers.
As I drifted on the wind, I saw the reason for the burned vegetation. A large device, looking remarkably like a 16mm film projector, was making its way around the mountain, spewing out a burning cone of hot light from the lens. I aimed myself over to the device and drifted in to a landing on what would have been the rear tension spindle, if it were really a projector.
There were World of Warcraft styled goblins running the projector. I asked them what was going on.
“The Spiny Green Things breeding season is upon us and we are making their fiery bed,” one explained to me.
“You can’t rely on nature to keep the fire contained to the right places, can you?”
“Uh, no,” I ventured.
“That’s right!” The goblin began to adjust the loop tension on the projector. “Here, lend a hand, or uh appendage with this lever.”
I reached out to hold the lever and realized that I had to choose from about a dozen two-fingered hands. I didn’t think that was odd, but did maneuver myself to where I could catch a reflection off of a silvery part of the machine. I looked like a giant floating squid, of sorts, with one large eye and an orange sarong, out of the bottom of which dangled several tentacles with two smaller manipulating tentacles on each end. I waved at myself while holding the lever with two longer tendrils which seemed to sprout from just above my “waist”, at least from just above where the sarong hung. I was also wearing a large floppy hat which had a large brim to shade my one eye. I had the impression that I had four more arms like the ones I was using to hold the lever. They were around behind my body. That was when I realized that I had two more eyes as well, space equally around my body, just out of site of the reflection. I could switch between them for my main perception, or use two at once for really effective binary vision. I couldn’t really make myself use all three at once, but thought that I should be able to with some practice.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


        I dreamed I was climbing around on the hill in my back yard, clearing out fallen tree chunks, when I came across a rectangular bronze armature made of 3 inch wide square tubing with 1 inch holes every 4 inches or so. The frame was about 12 feet long and three foot wide with several 8 to 10 inch extensions running off of it every few feet in random directions. I asked N if shed ever seen it before.

        Its our wonkulator, she said, as if I should have known that all ready.

        Right. I pretended to know what she was talking about and tried to stay away from it while moving the cut up tree limbs. It didnt look like it had any moving parts, but I found it slightly disturbing anyway.

Ad astra per technica,


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chased by large Ape in Abandoned Hospital.

        I was in some sort of old hospital building. About 80% of it was abandoned. I was running from some sort of large silver and black ape. I was also trying to stay away from the areas where there were patients and staff, as I didnt want the ape to start chasing either of those. I would check a floor real quick to see if I could spot an armed guard. There  werent any to be found. The ape was faster than me, but so much larger that I could easily slip through smaller openings and gain a bit of distance before the ape bashed its way through the wall or door to get to me. I didnt know how long I could keep that up, so ran by a nurse at one point asking for some sort of animal tranquilizer. The ape started after the nurse, so I picked up a tray and tossed it at the ape to distract it back to myself.

Ad astra per technica,


Thursday, April 03, 2008


        I dreamed I was building a huge enclosure (just finished building our catio so I know where that part of the dream comes from) in a large creepy forest. The trees looked like the moss festooned types one sees from the southern swampland areas. I dont know where in the world I actually was located, and I couldnt seem to identify the language being spoken by my helpers.

        Once the enclosure was framed in, the materials were stacked inside with me and I started climbing up to the upper reaches to assemble the top panels. I realized, as I was walking along the edge of an enclosed cliff, that I had failed to design, and therefore didnt build, an access door. Once I had completed the roof I realized that I would have no easy way in or out of the enclosure.

        I tried to get the attention of my helpers, but they had packed up their tool bags and left. There was no one around but myself and a rather large number of animals that had been trapped inside with me. I made my way to the top of the enclosure and climbed out through the triangular hole near the peak. I lashed the last part in place, rather than bolting it, and started climbing down the dome hoping to find a hardware store open nearby where I could buy a door and frame.

Ad astra per technica,