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A Dream Log, whenever I remember the dreams I've had.

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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Two Drake Surprise, Visitors

              I dreamed I was playing WoW and something odd happened to my display. Every time I mounted up to fly to another place, a second red drake appeared, its animations slightly out of phase with the original.
              I opened up an in-game ticket to ask if there was something I could do to help fix that on my client, and the GM that responded smacked that character with a permanant ban! Just for asking a technical question they thought that I was hacking the client (really all I wanted to know was how to clear out the cache files.)

              This morning I dreamed I was walking around the block, and by the time I got back to the house I had half a dozen women walking with me, all chattering about their kids and what they were doing home for the holidays. I introduced J (my niece) and they all looked at me with "Sure, we believe that's your niece," looks on their faces. They were all sorts of quiet until they got in the front room and J had to clean up the futon (which was made up for her bed) in a hurry to make room for everyone to sit.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Pipe Dream

              This morning, I dreamed I was walking out of Poway with an old friend, who I hadn't seen in several years. We needed to get over to the auto shop in my former high school, as there were parts that I needed to repair my car. For some reason, we decided to walk.
There was a new foot and bike bridge we decided to take. There were dozens of others on the bridge but overall it didn't seem crowded. The structure spiraled around a couple of large pipe filled spaces, they were obviously there to support the main structure, but my friend decided to step out into the open area above the network of pipes just to see how far above the ground we were. He was holding on firmly to an upright pole while stepping out, in stockinged feet, I noticed, onto a foot diameter pipe.
              “This is wide enough to walk on, but it is a bit slippery.” He noted.
              I suggested that perhaps it would be better with his shoes on, but he disagreed.
              While we were having our conversation, a family of four went by me, I overheard the conversation the mom was having with her daughter. She was claiming that you could easily walk across the large pipe and avoid having to go around the whole diameter of the support column. The daughter, only about six or seven, pointed out that the man across the column from them had said it was slippery.
              They moved about a quarter of the way around the spiral, just out of direct line of site, when my friend (whose identity kept shifting amongst my current and old friends) let out an “Ut oh!” I thought that he'd slipped but when I looked out to where he was he was pointing to where the family was.
              I leaned out over the network of pipes. The Mother of the family had stepped out onto one of the larger pipes, and had apparently slipped and fallen. She was now holding on to a narrow pipe with her arms and had one leg wrapped around a horizontal pipe just a bit lower.
              “Mommy!” came a pair of panicked shouts and the Father and boy had stepped out onto the grid to try to rescue the mom. A couple of seconds later there was a shriek and the mom had to grab onto her daughter, who'd followed her out onto the large pipe, to keep her from plummeting to the freeway below.
              My friend and I made our way over to where the family were now all desperately clutching the pipe grid, or one another.
              I took off my belt and leaned out to wrap it around the waist of the smallest child. “Hold on, we'll pull you back up."

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This Hat has Legs.

              Last night I dreamed but the final image pretty much drove every other thing in the dream out. All I remember is my large grey cowboy hat had legs, like a tabby cat, and was moving around on its own.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sleeping Outside.

              I dreamed than N and I moved our sleeping arangements outside onto the catio. We were using the hammock, and had moved a couple of end tables out. I was on the phone with someone explaining to them that we did bring everything inside if it started raining heavily, but not for just a misty drizzle. That's what the canopy was for.

              It was drizzling in the dream.


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Photography Resort

              I dreamed I was headed out on a vacation with two women who both wanted me to call them mom. They were both in their mid thirties with shoulder length hair and rather ample breasts and full hips. On had fairly straight brown hair and the other had curly light brown hair, almost blonde. They each had about the same build and facial structure, so I had the idea that if they weren't sisters they could play sisters on TV. I explained that would be awkward, as I have a mom, and I was older than them. Still, that was what they wanted, so I went along with them, just to avoid any argument. We arrived at a resort that seemed to be a combination of a village and a theme park, like a live-in Knott's Berry Farm.
              We had rooms in a long strip mall looking place that had a large common area, a huge kitchen and a large dining room. I was volunteered to take photographs of the rather racy evening events, and the two women promised that “we'll make it worth your while, later.”
              After the party where I got to photograph lots of sexy leg flesh and provocative posing by the party goers, I retired to my room and copied the photographs over to a small thumb drive as well as my laptop. In the morning I woke to the smell of smoke, the thumb drive was red hot, smoking, melted looking. I unplugged it and smothered it to put out the fire. I also found the camera charger untouchable, hot, so unplugged it from the wall and put an ice filled towel over it. The two women came over and wanted to borrow my camera for the morning, there was a ladies only event, they wanted photos from it, but I wouldn't be allowed to come in and take them. I checked, at least the camera had a full charge. I put fresh batteries in the fill flash and showed them how to avoid “red eye” or over exposures.
              I showed them the melted and burned flash drive, and then I explained the situation with our backup storage and the charger. One of my 'Moms' asked me to run out and buy another charger and replacement memory. “There's a resort jeep with a driver you can borrow to get to the ferry that will take you to the main land.”
              I had wanted to explore the theme park and take some candid shots of the people to mix in with the more staged ones from the party, but figured we'd be here a few more days so I would have time, if I could find a battery charger for the camera. I rejected the idea of using my cell phone camera and decided to use my own money to buy a small digital camera, one that ran on regular batteries, to have as a back up.
              The jeep driver was a very cute blonde in hot pink short shorts and a cream colored halter top, all its buttons open and tied just under her small breasts. As we drove to the ferry landing I managed to convince her to pose for photographs later. I was quite enjoying the occasional boob bounce and nipple flash as we drove along.

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Kittens, and a Bunny

              I dreamed N and I were visiting my parents in their new home. I heard meowing out back so went to look out the back door of my parent's bedroom. They had put a dresser in front of the sliding glass door, so I had to lean over to open it.
              Outside there was a little black kitten (with white toes) playing at being a hunter, a character class from World of Warcraft. I don't know how I knew that was what he was playing, but I did. His “pet” was a Siberian tiger cub, who was currently splashing about the edges of a shallow pond just past a hedge. I called the kitten over and he bounded into the house, along with four other kittens.
              I realized that would be trouble, as my parents had pretty much given up having pets, so there were no litter pans, no food bowls and no pet food. I left the door open a little and tried to round the little energetic balls of fluff up and put them in the master bathroom until I could get them all. I was really hoping to catch the tiger cub, as I didn't think he would be very healthy trying to live just on what he could find in my parent's yard. The tiger cub wasn't one of the kittens that had raced into the house.
              I managed to get the three gray calicoes rounded up and one of the black kittens when I heard N screaming in pain from the front room. I ran out, a kitten in each hand and one in the crook of my left arm. N was in the center of the room, holding a very fluffy white bunny. The bunny was also holding on to N's finger, with his teeth. N was making her horrible in pain wail (which I really could live without hearing ever again.) I tried to get to her before her instinct to shake took over, it would be too easy to kill the poor frightened bunny. Before I could reach her the bunny slammed against the floor with a smack. I hoped the thick hair and thick carpet was enough to save the bunny. I let the kittens go on my Dad's recliner and took N out to the kitchen to do first aid on her finger.
              At this point I realized it was a dream but felt compelled to roll over and tell N not to pick up the bunny.
              Apparently, I was still dreaming. N reports that I did indeed tell her “Don't pick up the bunny,” but she was dressing to go to her WW meeting, not in bed. She says I also told her “Bunnies bite, just put the bunny down.”
              She then asked me “what bunnies?”
              She thought I had woken up because I grunted out “What?”
              “Bunnies. What Bunnies?”
              “Weird, I just had a dream about bunnies.”
              Then N reports I put my head down and went back to sleep.
              I only remember telling her to “Don't pick up the bunnies,” and I was pretty sure she was in bed with me at the time. I really don't remember the rest of the conversation.
              I then heard a tapping at the bedroom slider. I got up and looked out into the back yard, peeking through a gap in the curtains so as not to disturb whatever was out there. There was a little black kitten with white toes tapping on the door. The momma cat was a sleek black kitten with three little gray calicoes and another black kitten as well as a red tabby kitten. There were some Toms lounging around the yard, I started to open the door because I though one of them was Ralston. Little John rushed the door, going for the kitten or Ralston, I couldn't tell. I yelled at him to stop and put my leg in front of his charge. I spotted Marvin coming out of the living room slider so yelled for N to “get your cat back inside,” and “The kittens from the dream are in the back yard.”
              About that time I realized I was STILL dreaming, as the green carpeted board on top of the sawhorses was gone and there was a large potted fern in the middle of the back patio where the momma cat was nursing five of her six kittens. I also know N would never leave the living-room slider open.

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Cell phone Pond, Two For One Witchery

        I dreamed that I was about to lose my change through the hole in my pocket. I was wading, so bent down to close off the very wet pant leg to try to catch the coins that I felt rolling down my leg. My cell phone slipped out of my pocket. I caught it, but the coins escaped into the water and the muck of the pond.

        I took off my jacket and put my cell and wallet in its pockets, then placed it high up on a rock where it might have a chance to stay dry. I then waded in to look for the pocket change; a couple of dollars worth, and well over half my fortune. As I was recovering coins from the pond, I pulled up a cell phone in a holster, a revolver holster, judging from the shape. I shook out the water and set the phone up on the rock to dry out. It rang. I couldnt pick it up, but quickly jotted down the number that was trying to call. The caller finally gave up, and I heard another cell phone ring, further out in the pond. I waded out, and there was another phone. The caller hung up before I could answer the phone.

        Another phone rang, this one was in the muck at the edge of the pond. I grabbed for it and slipped on the muck. I got it open though, just in time to hear the caller disconnect. I waded back to the rock and the other phones, suddenly having a Very Bad Feeling about this pond and the reasons the phones were in it. I had been planning on sneaking into the barn of the farm nearby but decided that Id better call the person whod called all three phones and figure out what was going on. I figured Id better get away from the pond before I did so. I had the strange idea that the phones were in the pond because their owners didnt really need them anymore.

        Early this morning I had another dream, a much longer and convoluted thing that involved a teen witch and her evil twin. In the process of trying to find the evil twin I was teamed up with a round bodied black woman, a self proclaimed medium. We ended up, after following several leads that I wish I could remember, in a graveyard.

        While my partner drifted amongst the graves with her hands outstretched and eyes half closed I headed over to the only structure in the yard that could provide decent shelter against the wind and any sort of precipitation. In the little alcove of the mausoleum I found a ball cap, a scarf and a blond wig with dozens of braids. I brought the items out to the medium. As I was walking over, I spotted our good twin, she had the same ball cap on as the one I was holding. I was careful to not allow the good twin to see what I was carrying. However, when I reached the medium she howled and picked the items up holding them high over her head.

        For some reason the medium began counting the braids, as though that was vitally important.

        Yes, so youve discovered our secret. The young witch started saying.

        The witchs twin appeared, but more as an apparition. I moved myself between the witches and the medium, so that they would have to go through me to get to the wig and scarf. The apparition, of course, didnt really need those items.

        You mean that you arent twins, and are one and the same person? I figured that out when I found your wig.

        The witch and her phantasm merged into one person.

        The Medium finally stopped what she was doing, You mean there arent two of you? I knew that.

        I rolled my eyes, and the young witch laughed. So, what now?

        No harm no foul, as far as Im concerned.

        But, but, but…” the Medium sputtered.

        She was the complaint and the cause, no one else was affected, really, except for the entertainment value. You got paid, I got paid. I say were done here and we put her in our contact file because we might have jobs shed be good for. I turned to the witch who was still looking a bit confused. What do you say, would you mind working with us from time to time?

        Um, youre not going to punish me?

        I have your money, what more do you want? I could spank you, I suppose.

        She blushed.

        Lets go someplace warm, with food. I said and led the pair out of the graveyard.

        I handed the wig to the witch and she put it on. She started walking straighter and held her head higher. That works for you, normally I dont go for blondes, but you make that look good. It started to drizzle.

        This is my natural hair color, you know?

        I didnt.


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