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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Time Transit Tech Support

I had gone back to work, and after a three day training marathon, I started my first day of tech support for "Time Transit" a company which was using a new technology to see into the past, and occasionally, when conditions were applicable, into the future. Most of the first tier calls were of a pair of issues; username and password problems, or browser not looking forward problems. I could see that I would be regularly explaining to people that while looking into the past was going to be pretty accurate (under most circumstances) it wouldn't be possible to always move into the future, particularly if knowledge of the future would likely change the outcome of current events and decisions. Oddly, this sometimes meant that a person in location "A" would not be able to see the future of location "A" while a person in location "B" who was unconnected to the events of location "A" might be able to see some, or even all of what was to happen there. This, of course, led to a somewhat rare third type of call. Something is wrong with my time viewer, can you look into the past and zoom into the future of my current location.

That trick rarely worked.

I was working from a VR rig in the isolation suite (a sort of home away from home that was supposed to keep our own effects on the future to a minimum) when I got a call of the third type. I managed to make the connection to the person's time viewer, and was able to see their past altercation with a woman, who I assumed was their girlfriend. Silly argument, really, and the gentleman was very obviously in the wrong. Suddenly, I heard a sound in my front room. It was the caller, and he threw a gun into my small bedroom and then ran out, disconnecting the call. He shouldn't have even been able to get into the isolation suite. I reconnected, but he just laughed and told me to sit tight, the police were on the way. I took off the VR rig, and noticed that my bedroom now looked like the scene I had just witnessed, and there was the body of the woman lying along side the bed, obviously dead. How had I not noticed the smell before now? I set my rig to look into the past, and there was someone, looking a lot like me, now arguing with the woman, who was blaming the "not me" for something that hadn't happened yet. I checked to make sure my recordings were uploaded to the company, and then to my own cloud backup, even though that was technically a violation of my TOS with the company. I had the feeling things were about to get very weird. It seems my call had come from the past, I'm not sure how that was even possible, but I knew, despite the visual similarity, that the perpetrator wasn't me, as I wasn't even working for the company a week ago. I called the police to report someone dead in my Isolation Suite while using the internal communications software to notify my supervisor.

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Five Hundred Miles

According to the song in my head, that's how far I'd walk, then I'd walk five hundred more...
I wonder what part of my brain turns the volume up on the mix tape so loud that it wakes me up from what is (was) a lovely little dream of slipping across dimensions through doors that only I can see in closets and basements that don't seem to exist for anyone else.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019


I had been selected for a strange experiment. I was injected with something that allowed me to stay underwater for several minutes, and sent out into a netted off bay to find and communicate with the trapped Dolphinia. I managed to find her, or allowed her to find me. I was able to communicate with her after a time, finding out that she was a mother, and her pod contained two of her children still. She desperately wanted to be re-united with them so she could see them join up with other pods after their summer feeding meet up. The more days that went by, the harder it would be to catch up. She also worried that it was dangerous for a lone dolphin to migrate the later the season got. I relayed this to our experimenters, and they told me to promise her that people could transport her directly to the feeding grounds where she could find the rest of her pod. She just needed to come play some games with us first.

I did my best, but it seems there were no easy way to talk about being transported really fast until I learned that dolphins bow surfed on whale and boat waves, so used that to say a boat would let us surf quickly to her pod. I felt bad for deceiving her.

The experimenters lowered a whole office building into the bay. I had to explain to them that we still needed to breathe air and couldn't reach the lower levels without extreme risk, so they put down diving bells with oxygen pumped into them. The two of us managed to swim through the building, with Dolphinia teaching me the proper way to swim, and how to glide to conserve air. By the time we were done with our experiments, I could stay down almost as long as Dolphinia. The longer these "games" went on, and the less the experimenters shared with me the more I began to worry that I had been deceived as much as Dolphinia.

Then one morning I woke up in a normal bed, with my normal body intact. I felt woozy though, as if I'd been drugged for days. I managed to get out of my room and found where they were keeping Dolphinia.

She had been completely transformed. She was human now, at least six feet tall, and in a blonde curly haired wig and red dress. She was stunning if a bit alien looking. She was frightened, couldn't figure out how to swim (walk) and confounded by the need to breathe continuously through this thing above her mouth. Turns out I had been allowed to find her in order to calm her down and get her cooperation again. She was so happy to see me, and concerned that I too had been made into this awkward land animal. She was convinced that I, too, had been a dolphin, and that was why I learned to swim and breath so well with her. Spiritually, I agreed with her, and I wanted nothing more than to be back in the warm water of the bay, swimming freely. I wanted to get her back to herself, and then delivered to the summer grazing area with a large pod she could travel with until she found her own. I had the feeling, though, that the dolphin to human conversion was only one way, neither she nor I would be able to go back.

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Friday, March 22, 2019

A Rolling Kayak Gathers Momentum

Was out working in the back yard when I heard a commotion from on top of the hill. New neighbors had moved in, taken down the fence, and filled the drainage easement with two to three pound river stones (as they didn't want to water the grass that was there previously.) Unfortunately they had a couple of younger children who liked to roll the stones down my hill, smashing up the ivy and the celery and bean plants at the bottom of the retaining wall. This time one of the stones hopped the wall and grazed me in the calf. I was dodging, but just not fast enough to get missed. I shouted the Ouch, ouch! ow! song. They looked panicked a moment, and then ran off. I decided I needed to put all of the stones in a basket and make a trip around the block for a visit. As I was gathering up the stones I looked up to see an orange and white plastic kayak sliding down the hill towards me, but not in time to get out of the way. As I turned to run, the kayak bounced off the ivy swinging into my legs, knocking me down and leaving me with a huge cramp in my right calf. (Which was still there when I woke.)

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Punch'im in the Tan!

The dream started out depressingly normal, working in cubeland again, answering the phone for some sort of help desk application help line. Suddenly one of my coworkers decided to challenge the statement of another that he had a bald spot starting on the back of his head "like him" (said while pointing over the cube wall at me.

Balding guy and the rest of his friends headed over to the photo copier, so they could hold him upside down on top of the copier.

"Don't you people have phones?" asked one of the cube-women as they struggled with their load at the copier.

Suddenly they were all shouting, so loud it woke me up "Punch'im, in the tan."

I still have no idea what that means.


Thursday, July 05, 2018

Thatch, Wattle and Daub...

Mandolin and flute version of "Shake, Rattle and Roll" only the lyrics were:
"Thatch, Wattle and Daub,
Woo ooo!
Thatch, Wattle and Daub.
Something something, something,
Gonna patch our doggone home..."

Seriously, my brain sometimes.

(It is over 100 degrees and im in the sixth day of a severe shingles outbreak, so there might be some extenuating circumstances.)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Working on a Game in My Sleep

I dreamed that I had just gotten a set of plastic pawns, men and women in business suits. They were for a game which I was playtesting with a couple of close friends. There was a board, laid out with abstract representations of several areas. Each color team had several pawns: two tall (Partners) two medium (Detectives/Experts?) and six short (Interns/Paralegals). The purpose of the game was to exonerate your defendant, or validate your plaintiff. The cases were in the form of cards, which were double-sided and the game's mechanisms, how you used your pawns, determined in the "Courtroom" which side of the card was placed face up in the Jury Box. The other mechanisms were based on hand-size mechanics, with the Partners being able to fill their brief case and carry a portfolio (Some cards could be in one or the other or both.) The medium pawns could carry one of either a briefcase or an evidence box. The small pawns could carry either a folder, or an evidence box.

Playing the game itself was a little murky in the dream as the dream focused mostly on the miniatures and how cool and detailed the sculpture was. I was very happy with the shipment, and only wished it had not taken two months to arrive, as there were backers chomping at the bit to get a hold of them. I already had the boards and first eight card decks for release. S was there when the pawns arrived and was eager for me to take photographs of them so he could use them as art in the online version of the game he'd programmed and I'd made available for my earliest supporters.

L said she thought the backers would be delighted when their games arrived, as the pawns were certainly worth the wait.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Dream In a Dream In a...

I was dreaming of an alien creature, radially symmetrical, very intelligent, and covered with spikes. Instead of clothing, the aliens wore paint, and would keep it on for long periods of time, as they had an exoskeleton. They liked the idea of bracelets and rings, however, and I was bartering with them for various bangles.

I woke up, in the dream, and told my partner that I needed to write down this dream, as it might be useful.

She asked if I meant the dream I just had or the one I was now having....

"I don't know," I answered and then woke up again. There was something bumping up against the hull of the boat, I reminded myself that I needed to write down my dream and hoped whatever was bumping the boat was just something boring or I would be sure to forget.

Then I woke up again, this time with Giles and Ember in my face asking for breakfast.

I just don't get my brain.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Apparition

Was running through a bunch of corridors full of beige and steel colored pipes. The apparition chasing us (myself and a group of high school aged kids) and I was falling behind. When I finally caught up to the group, they were trying to open the rusty bolt of a door whose little round window showed the outside. The apparition appeared on a large screen monitor, terrifying everyone, I stood between it and the kids, arguing that it was just an image, urging them to keep on trying to open the door by rotating the handle back and forth to loosen up the rust. They were making progress when the apparition leaned out of the monitor, splashed us with rusty water, then grabbed both my hands with its own. I turned my hands over and returned the grasp, but with all my force. "So much for not being real..." it started to taunt us.

"You're not," I insisted and pulled myself up by its rough dry hands towards the monitor and into wakefulness.

Full on thundering heart and drenched in sweat, but happy to know I was right.

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Monday, March 26, 2018


I dreamed I was eleven again, riding my orange Spider Bike down the main road headed for the library. Oddly, the library was in its current location in town not where it was when I was actually eleven. Delightfully warm sunshine, the hot jeans sticking to my legs, and the big blue girl's bike weaving in front of me in a path that looked anything but controlled. My best friend was a wild child on her bike, and I was always worried that she was going to shimmy out into traffic, or pull in front of a car coming out of a driveway, as it seemed like she spent more time looking back at me talking than watching the road ahead of her. Our trips always seemed so much safer when I was the one in the lead. When we got to the library there was no space on the bike rack, so we locked our bikes together with one chain and then looped the other to the end of the rack. I loved the feel of the cold air on my bare shoulders (was wearing the beige tank top with red piping.) I found myself wondering aloud how long before my legs would cool off.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Cute Rocket, Cute Astronaut, Cute Explosion

I dreamed I was at my large screen computer, mouse in hand, drawing software at the ready, and in a few short moments of creative flow I had created a new set of icons for a new set of game tokens.

If it were only that easy to get the lines and colors to line up the right way. I wish I had dreamt a little more of the actual rules of the game that was going to use the cartoonish and cute little tokens. Or, perhaps I will spend the next few days trying to recapture the look and they will become the elements of my new company logo.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fever Dreams with Robots and...

The fever dream started like any other dream, a nice normal seeming classroom of ten year olds taking my "Robotic Programming" class. I was working a two hour a day shift at a private elementary school, teaching the very fun class with robots and then supervising the playground in the afterschool hour while waiting for parents to come get their students. All in all a very good gig. It was paying the bills while I used my pension to make board games. It was one of those classes where I had as many parents in the room helping as I had kids.

One afternoon, as the classroom began to empty out, the Principal arrived to tell me that they were cutting the class. I pointed to the parents still straightening up the room and kids still excitedly reviewing what they'd accomplished. I didn't understand the decision. She reassured me it didn't have anything to do with my teaching or my class, it was that the board had decided to purchase a new turnkey curriculum and my course couldn't be fit into the new system. She handed me an envelope with my current pay and two weeks extra. I said thank you, but pointed out that I had a contract for the full school year that would have to be bought out. "Unless we can find you another position, which we're trying to do."

I was still mighty unhappy about the situation, but resolved to deal with it another day. I stuffed my anger down and went back to helping clear out my classroom. One of the moms was a labor attorney, she handed me her business card, "just in case you decide you need me." I thanked her and went out into the playground to fulfill my after school supervision. Kids eventually got picked up. Several of the other teachers had stayed behind and we all went into the school, having to duck between the movers who were packing up everyone's classroom in neatly labeled boxes, even taking apart the school's furniture. We watched in disbelief as box after box with our class names on them went out of the building to be loaded up on big trucks. The Principal arrived to let us know that the board had agreed to let us teachers go through the materials from our classrooms to keep what was ours and any thing else they weren't using before it was all sold at auction. A couple of my colleagues were shouting and upset that the movers were packing up their private stuff, including one who's purse and car keys (thus her way home) had already been packed. We managed to intercept the box from her room before it got put on the truck and rescued her personal belongings. I went to my room and grabbed my hat and coat as well as my computer bag, figuring I had the time to go get anything else later.

Saddened by the state of things, I asked why the Board hadn't retrained their current staff, and she started to tell me that there was no robotics... I cut her off, and asked about all of the basic education teachers, some who'd been at the school for decades, weren't re-trained.

"That doesn't concern you."

I put on my coat and hat and stepped out into the stormy afternoon. The weather had changed to match my mood, dark threatening clouds, hints of thunder in the distance, the thick smell of pent up rain. I walked out into the public park.

A row of Thundermen appeared and gathered in front of me, grey fedoras, beige trench-coats, black shoes with wide white spats, immaculately tied ties over white shirts. They stopped my progress. They lined up behind the leader, and a row of apparently meaningful gestures began to form behind him. While I couldn't make out what they were trying to signal I mimicked the gestures as best I could. My Beige trench-coat and fedora (green instead of grey) seemed to confuse them a bit. Finally, after exchanging some pleasantries, and commenting on the delightful lightning and thunder that had begun in the sky behind the school, the leader of the thundermen told me I could be locked in the bathroom until the storm passed, or I could re-enter the school through J-3. I had no desire to be locked in the public restrooms, so entered the classroom, which was still having its desks assembled, oddly, in the desks that were already put together, there were students, or some sort of simulacra of students already seated and working on their lessons. I had a very uneasy feeling, the teacher looked up from her planner and I apologized for the interruption, moving through the room into the schools central hallway. There I ran across the Principal who was beaming at how efficient and trouble free it was all going to be. I started to worry about what was going to happen to all of our students. Were they being replaced, too?

I made my way through the faculty room, and out onto the little patio that faced the open hillside behind the school. Lightning filled the sky, thunder rolled across the valley and shook the windows of the school, I could hear them rattling all down the length of the building. I looked out to see the fluffy pink bunnies and leaping unicorns lightning struck and suddenly come to life. The plastic cavorting turned into the real thing, accompanied by a tinkling and high pitched whistling music, they danced under the darkening sky until they seemed as one, to notice me watching. They lined up facing me, much in the same way as the lightning men. I started to make the same gestures and then stopped myself, speaking directly to the head unicorn instead.

She blinked. Obviously not expecting me to actually try to interact with them. At first she seemed to think I was a Thunder man, and wanted to run me through, but I somehow managed, by taking my hat off and bowing, I think, to convince her that I was just a former teacher who'd been replaced. This saddened her and she raced away, leaving me to watch her fluffy bunny and unicorn minions cavort to unearthly music. Eventually she returned, accompanied by a large pink and white dragon. The dragon had to be as big as the school she surveyed from end to end with a single sweep of her long neck. She settled over the hill and curled around her bunnies and unicorns, shielding them with one giant wing. She began to shoot the unicorn who'd spoken with me, jolt after jolt of pink lightning.

"Stop" I shouted. "She hasn't done anything wrong!"

"You live, Thunder man, that is not to be tolerated, I will get to you in a moment."

I don't know where the courage to do so came from but I stepped in front of the unicorn, letting my wet trench coat drag the lightning to the ground. I felt the tingle on my feet, but though painful, it wasn't in any way debilitating.

"If you kill her, how will she learn and become an even better leader for you?"

The dragon stopped mid breath. Her great head lowered down to my own, her eyes, as large as myself, took turns looking at me. I felt like I'd been put in a giant MRI or CAT scan machine.

"You are not a Thunder man."

"Thanks, I think."

With that she picked me up and flung me high in the air over the hill and above the clouds. I don't know how every bone in my body wasn't broken by ahd acceleration. I found myself cresting the top of my arc in the clear sky overlooking a vast ocean and a road, suspended in the air. There were small figures, moving, single file along the road as I flashed overhead. A rope was tossed to me and I managed to grab it as I dipped below the road. I crammed my hat on my head, and held on with both hands as the rope curved my fall into a pendulum swing just below the roadway. I pumped and at the crest of the next swing back, managed to grab the hands that were being offered down below the road edge. The large scaled arm pulled be up past the road and let me down on my feet.

It was an assortment of characters, I think from my own gaming past. The large spear toting Lizard Man, a pair of spindly hobbits in all black kit, and an elf of surprising beauty with two longswords on his (her?) hips. The only one I didn't recognize was a nearly topless scaled woman with short curled horns and long nails. Like the Lizard Man, she had a long tail, whip-like rather than trunk-like. They greeted me and one of the hobbits asked if I was a Thunder Man. The Lizard and Demon Girl looked like they were ready to throw me back off the skyway.

"No" was all I could manage to croak. I checked my bag, somehow it hadn't dumped anything. I took off my hat and bowed, that seemed to convince them. I surmised at that point that the hat was part of a thunder man, so they couldn't do that.

"Where are we going?"

"To the other end of the road!" chimed in the hobbit twins, getting disgruntled looks from their companions.

The elf spoke, explaining that they were on a quest and had traveled on the skyway for the better part of two days. They believed they were much closer to their destination than their beginning, which was, though civilization, nothing the matched what I knew. Plus I only had a muffin and a half bottle of water in my back, so didn't fancy going that way until I could replenish my supplies. The Hobbits were the only two in favor of letting me travel with them, but somehow they managed to convince the demon girl after the two women had a hurried conversation out of earshot of the rest of the group. They resumed travelling, single file, except for the hobbits who trotted ahead of the group hand in hand.

"They are a cute couple," I volunteered, trying to make conversation.

"They're twins." The Lizard man grunted, shouldered his spear and leaned forward to pull away from me. The elf had dropped back far behind us and only the demon girl stayed close enough to converse with until we met the end of the road.

I had to explain that I wasn't flying but falling, as I'd been thrown by the pink and white dragon. The hobbits looked at the elf and said "your prayer must have worked!"

"I doubt that." The Elf had barely spoken to me the whole trip, he seemed to have something against me from the very start, but never revealed what he was thinking or feeling.

It had been much easier to befriend the Lizard man, I taught him tic-tac-toe, and despite there not actually being toes in the game, he was quite taken by it.

The Hobbits seemed to love everyone equally, and the Demon Girl, seemed to be practicing sultry on the Elf, and not succeeding, ignoring the Lizard Man, who seemed all too interested. I had the impression that there was some history there best left lie. She would at least converse with me, explaining her own world and listening intently to tales of my own "crushingly boring" world, which the hobbits seemed to enjoy.

We sat at the end of the road, obviously not what any of us were expecting. I noticed that there was a large blue square with writing in it, but I couldn't make it out from where we were.

Soon I found myself being lowered on the end of the rope. "Press to Call" was what the writing said. I asked them to pull me up and we looked around, but didn't find a button like it in the covered bridge area, at least, not on the side we were on. One of the hobbits took the rope and tied it around her waist. The Lizard man tossed her over to the other side. She landed with a giggle, and found the button, but it had been smashed in and wasn't working. They hauled her back over, and I thought of an idea.

The rope wasn't long enough for me to swing over to the skyway support column, though. I then thought of another idea. We filled up my water bottle and unraveled the knitted border of my sweater to lower it towards the button, again not long enough, until they lowered me on the rope. The bottle landed on the four foot square button, and the elevator shot towards me. the team started pulling me up, but I still slammed into the platform. The bottle rolled off the button and the elevator slowed to a stop and began to fall. I managed to recover enough to pull the bottle back up and roll over to the button. Whoosh, the elevator slowed and then accelerated skyward.

It took a few tests to figure out how to raise and lower the platform smoothly enough not to launch me into the ceiling, or more importantly to land at less than terminal velocity. Apparently whatever controls were supposed to be in operation were no longer working. I drove the platform up to the team and they let me fly them back to the ground. The elf looked greener than usual after the trip down, but the hobbits wanted to stay and see how fast they could make the elevator go back up. As we left One of the hobbits had put a rock on the button I turned in time to see the elevator platform crash through the roof of the bridge structure at the top of the skyway, and then come fluttering, obviously no longer under control back to the ground. We all ran out of the range of the falling debris. When the Elf started to chastise the hobbits they just pointed at each other.

Somehow they convinced me to come with them rather than build a hundred foot ladder to climb back to the roadway. (Even though I was pretty sure the roadway didn't lead back to where I needed to go, I felt it was at least closer to home.) There was a short barrage of other travel stuff. Something to do with a big blue glowy thing, and a pretty wild celebration party that ended with an acrobatic naked tangled celebration between the Demon Girl, Hobbit Girl and myself. The team asked the pink dragon to send me home. Good thing I hadn't tried going back by the skyway.

There was a knock on the door. The police were looking for me, as I had gone missing. I explained that I had been playing a video game the whole time, and was right here. They looked dubious. I noticed the figures on the screen were the Lizard Man, Demon Girl, Elf and Hobbit Twins with a Long Coated stranger in a Green flat brimmed hat. They were waving good-bye as the stranger headed into a pink and white portal and the rest of the team, escorting a wagon with a strange blue glow coming from under a tarp, headed into town, they turned and waved, not at the portal, but at the screen. I was at my computer, but dressed in the clothing I'd been wearing since my "disappearance" including an adventure's worth of wear and tear. Not to mention a bag of gold coins and semi-precious stones that I might have some difficulty explaining.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

No Disintegrations

Dreamed I was playtesting one of my games, this time a computer space simulation game instead of a card or dice game. I was using an ADM (Artificial Intelligence Dungeon Master) to generate the various plots, sub-plots and missions of the Galaxy simulation. As per usual in these sorts of games, it wasn't long before the game took on a reality of its own, and I discovered that when I engaged my two different space drives at the same time, I would shift into an alternate universe. I quickly sat down with my crew and worked out that I'd somehow programmed a way to shift one "universe" through the "cubes" of a tesseract, depending on the side closest to our current travel vector. Further, I calculated that we only had to make one jump similar in the same direction we were headed to go right back to our home universe. So we weren't as lost as we feared we might be.

That's when trouble reared its head. We were hailed and told to stop for boarding. We hit the afterburners and fired up the drives, only, they had taken some damage from our last experiment, and we didn't shift out of the universe, just carved a long curved hyperspace path to another system, and its navigation beacon. We hauled up, drives mostly lame from the extra burst. Fortunately there was an open port that had landing pads available for a limited duration. We had no viable credit in this system, so could only barter with what we had in our holds, and the knowledge of the Trans-Universe Jump technology I'd accidently coded. "Access to an infinity of universes!" my co-pilot bragged, but I was sitting with the engineer I was dealing with, and according to our calculations, while that might well be possible, the way our current drive was configured, we only had access to 8 universes.

"Cant we just point the ship in a slightly different direction and jump to a completely different universe?"

I explained that it didn't work like that, because I'd used a cube shape for my universal vector references. It was a server size and computational resource limitation.

Cut to inside of an alien ship. Darth Vader Mark II was there, talking to a bunch of bounty hunters. "I want them alive. No Disintegrations."

I hadn't remembered programming that into the system.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Elite Dangerous: Escapades

In my nap time dream I was playing Elite: Horizons, and shortly after uploading and installing the newest update, called Escapades, or Escapes, I can't really remember I logged out, and then logged into the new game. At first it wasn't any different, but then I noticed that when I was a cruising speed, I could lock the helm and get up and walk around. I was able to switch to the other seat, below me, with a great view below the ship. While this was going on I got the interdiction warning. There was no fighting it though, as I was being interdicted by the kill in 5 second alien ship.

Oddly, I didn't get fired on, it was like it knew I wasn't at the helm. I rushed back and took the helm off of its course lock. BIG MISTAKE. The alien vessel opened up on me, and true to its nickname, I was floating in space.
"Okay," I thought. I should have been facing the rebuy screen. However, I wasn't. I was floating in space, seeing a helmet HUD item "Engaging Remlock" and as the screen dimmed out from the outer edges in, I saw the five second ship drop a glowy set of tendrils that reached out for me.

Vision returned and I was in an alien structure, on foot. I was not, as far as I could tell, restrained except by the massive structure I was in. I began to explore, and there were minerals and broken ship parts to pick up, but more importantly, there were signs of other life, noises in the distance - voices. A data pad with only enough power to read out a couple of entries. My own data pad was at 99% Power. I wandered around for about an hour, picking up stuff at random, finding old Lakon control panels that still had some data stored in them. There was alien technology as well, but I dumped it pretty quickly as my health began to suffer. In the dream I played through a couple of hours of this. Having managed to scrounge up enough parts to build a makeshift weapon, I found myself in and underground tunnel system fighting robots that looked uncomfortably like glowing eyed skeletons. I was looking out over a long drop. There was a lot of red blood trickles that lead into a pool shaped like a leaf with a glowing center. I swayed back and forth, judging the distance, I was just figuring I could make a safe-ish landing when I was struck from behind by one of the robots I had left for dead. It wasn't, but now I was facing the rebuy screen. There were new options... to continue my "Captivity." It had a note that you would lose access to the insured ship just as taking the free sidewinder option. There was a line for bounties and fines in the ship insurance cost. Mine were "0" so I'd apparently died a good boy.