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A Dream Log, whenever I remember the dreams I've had.

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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bride and Groom, Jungle, Meteorus (Clip Show)

              Bride and Groom, I dreamed Thursday morning of being at a party in a public place where there was also a wedding reception happening. On our way out of our gathering we all poked are heads in and offered a toast to the happiness of the new couple. The bride, with a really cute short blond haircut, was about six inches taller than her groom, and her heals were only an inch or so. She had a delightful smile, just absolutely charming. Then we went on our way, and the dream ended.
              Another dream, another forest, lots of action but no discernible plot other than trying to stay away from the swinging vines that were really snakes and not vines at all.
              Then another dream, this time I was with N on El Norte Parkway, headed for home when we passed a beat up dark blue vehicle with the groom and his bride arguing. Their car sputtered and they pulled over to the side of the road. I asked N to stop, as I felt that we should do something for them. The way the bride smiled when we walked up made me think they were in for a rather long haul as a couple.

              Friday's dreams are lost to the hubbub of an unusually busy day.

              Saturday morning, I woke from a dream where I was Meteorus, patched skin, hand tailored clothing, and gravelly undead voice and all. I was stalking a group of muggers in a gas-lit alleyway. The muggers had been terrorizing the locals for about two weeks, and I had been hired to clear them out. I doubted that they would attack an obviously powerful mage, so had chosen to stalk the alleyway while invisible. Turned out to be a wise choice. When I stepped into the alleyway, they were also invisible, thus placing them in the same phase as myself. I laughed and summoned my stooges (mirror images in the WoW universe.) That made things five on five and the battle was far shorter than I expected. I was shot a couple of times, but, being undead has its perks, one of them being that little bullets don't actually stop you.

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