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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Decommissioned Super Heros

       I had a dream about a decommissioned super hero team. We were being held in a summer camp like area, with each of us having our own cabin, or floor of a cabin as they were two stories. There were around 30 characters or so, but to be fair, a dozen or more of them were all part of Multiple Girl. There was a black man who worked the lunch counter in the camp cafeteria. He had the power to toast things with his hands, all that was left while he was in range of the disabler ray.
       We were only allowed to eat at the back counter in the kitchen. The other campers were told that is because we had been put on cafeteria restriction. (Most of us were about the age of the teen campers, only a few of us were post adolescent.) I had the impression that many of us were still secretly using our powers where we could. Our powers were severely reduced while we were in the confines of the camp, and though Multiple Girl had managed to sneak several of her parts out of the “camp” most of us were effectively trapped, either by the rays, or by our sense of honor.
       Multiple Girl (well, one part of her) was in love with one of the young heroes. That young hero found himself trapped in the old and now deeply buried and concrete filled headquarters. His recall device was located in the old headquarters and had somehow gotten activated. Multiple Girl had come to me to try to figure out how he had vanished and where he'd gotten to. I could still, if people were fairly close, see through their eyes. I really didn't let on to anyone that I had that ability, but, with the power of multiple brains MG had long ago figured out that I might be able to do something like that. Why she thought I could still function in the disabling ray, and with the chip on my head, I don't know, but she had somehow known. I found him in our old command center, deep under ground, and I had thought, fully cemented in. It was pitch black save for a few luminescent dials on some of the mothballed equipment. I could smell the rats in the old situation room where LB (Lover Boy) was located. I did a quick volume calculation and figured that there was only a few days worth of air in the space, presuming that there weren't more rats. I knew there had to be some air movement, as the rats were alive. We met to brainstorm ways of getting LB out of his predicament, but didn't come up with anything. I was sure the disabler ray was causing us to think less sharply than normal. At least that's how it was working for me.
       Plastic Manipulating Woman used her powers to try to make a chain of connected insulation down to where he was located, the efforts so wore her out that she had to go and take a rest. I found that I could use the chain of plastic beads as a sort of focus, unfortunately, without PMW to manipulate the end of the chain I couldn't communicate anything other than some short tugs.
       Back in my room I stripped to take a shower. When I got there, the shower, two shower heads like the one in our guest bathroom, was occupied. The water was hot and steam filled my bathroom. I turned to leave when a long arm shot out from the edge of the shower curtain and pulled me in. It was a couple of polymorphs; twins, who because of the ray couldn't do anything more than change their height and weight, eye and skin color. They'd discovered that with a lot of effort they could make themselves look different from one another and they liked to practice on me. I couldn't complain too much about that as I rather adored both of them. Oddly, I could always tell which was which, and actually found one to be slightly more attractive than the other. They had told me a secret, when they were only two, they decided that they each liked the other's name, so they switched. In the back of my mind I harbored a worry that they were really just two more aspects of Multiple Girl (who loved creating just this sort of character from herself), but shoved that thought into the back of my mind so I could enjoy the soapy sexy moment. (Normally this would be the end of such a dream as it would turn into quite the wet dream and I would wake. This didn't happen.)
       JR showed up (the only real person I know who was in the dream) so we had to vacate the shower. Both girls shortened themselves a few inches and made their busts really large, just to tease him as we tumbled out of the shower past him. I suspected that one of the MG would make it up to him. I tried not to worry about that, either.
       The dream continued into the next day. At breakfast, which we ate in our cabin common area, an elevated patio that connected six duplexes, we tried to come up with more ideas. Their had been one of us who'd been able to tunnel through the earth, but that power had allowed them to escape years ago. And had resulted in all of us being implanted with GPS tracking devices. (The “Counselors” didn't know that we knew about the devices.)
       We planned through part of the morning, then went to pretend we were happy campers. At lunch the counter man toasted (rather to the point of being inedible) my crackers to let me know how much of his power and control was back. “That's all of it, man, and it only works by the counter here.” He pointed at the arrangement of metal counters and stools, “Interferes with the ray, I think.”
       Days went by, and most of the team gave up on LB. I kept tabs on him, helping him find rats to hunt and eat. I also located a working water fountain, barely a trickle, but enough to keep him going. People started to think I was making his survival up, as the “Counselors” kept telling us the place was solid concrete, there was no air, and LB was certainly dead.
       Multiple Girl managed to round up a number of her multiples on the outside, and made a camp aged child out of the parts of her that were in love with LB. (I'm not entirely sure how that worked, and thought that if we could rescue LB this could be a little weird.) The little girl was a young version of who I knew as the original Multiple Girl, complete with curly brown hair and a lovely green smock. MG came back into camp as the child to ask what we were doing. I asked Plastic Manipulator Girl to make the insulation chain hollow and firmer, then I managed to pull the chain of insulation tight enough that LB was able to use it to talk to us, like the old can on the string effect. We could barely hear him, and several of the heroes though I had gone crazy and that MG and I were faking it, or delusional. I realized that the only way we were going to save LB was to either tunnel down to him, or to kill the disabler ray to allow us to use our full powers. I knew that if I could remove the small disabler implanted in my skull I could trans-locate to where he was, and then teleport us back out.
       There was a small problem with this plan, I could only teleport to a few very specific locations around the world, to an individual, or I could switch places with a person. Once I had another person with me, I could only teleport to a location, not to a person. MG told me that her prime self had escaped and I could teleport to her, then switch with LB, then go where I wanted.
       The locations that the “Counselors” knew about had been cemented in, or had statues erected on their locations, anything to prevent me from using them. Apparently I was considered one of the gravest risks. I also knew that I was on the “kill on sight” list if I should ever escape. I had not only a disabler in my head, but a GPS device in my abdomen. Both of which would trigger my death sentence if they were tampered with. I had a brief flashback to the very emotional meeting that had taken place when we were “decommissioned.”
       Plastic Manipulating Girl felt that she had enough control to kill the GPS locater by shorting it out.
       I realized that the counter man had the rest of the solution, hot fiery and probably very painful but he could destroy the disabler chip in my scalp. I could teleport to LB and then take both of us to one of a half dozen secret jump sites the “Counselors” didn't know about. (I was glad that I hadn't fully trusted our government.) I felt that we had to move quickly, as I was sure that our conversations were fully monitored. I wondered why no action had yet been taken to separate us. I think we were being warehoused against the time when we might be needed again.

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