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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bridge Tiger Attack, Cuddles

I dreamed I was running across a bridge like the one over Lake Hodges, Multiple spans, no actual water underneath, but a forest. Some of the spans had sections fallen out of them, and one was crowded with rusted automobiles. I had left the rest of the group about a hundred yards back in case I stirred up any trouble.

Trouble took the form of a small orange and black tiger. It leapt from behind a stack of cars and slammed into my backpack. The backpack probably saved my life as we tumbled to the ground and I rolled out of the shoulder straps, and stood with a steel rod in my hands. The tiger took a bit to de-tangle itself from the ruined pack. We stood, facing one another, sizing up the situation. I could tell that it had some experience with humans and was debating whether to run or ask where its dinner was.
It settled a few yards away from me, allowing me to gather my backpack stuff. When my party arrived I had one of them toss the tiger a rabbit, which it ate.

I stripped the seats out of an old vehicle and made repairs to my pack. It was ugly, but nothing was falling out.

Later I found myself sitting up in bed, not able to breath very well. (Pretty much how I've spent the last couple of weeks, thus no dreams.) One of my favorite women in the whole world came in and started cuddling on me. She wanted me to check out her new brushed silk top. Very smooth, almost as smooth as the skin underneath. Then the smooching started. I hadn't expected that.

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