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Fermius is a pen name drawn from a series of short fiction I wrote when I published the small press magazine Stellanova (on paper.) I play RPG games to escape from my daily grind as a technology wage slave for the state of California. I eat out a lot in order to do my part in supporting our increasingly service level economy. I am butler to 2 feline masters. If you ask them they will tell you I'm not very good at it, late with dinner, don't have enough hands with brushes in them, and sometimes I even lock them out of their office.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mesa Evacuation

       Random dream images. Most have faded, and remember the one with a plot, or at least an identifiable sequence of events.
       I have returned from Comic-Con with a flu-like illness that has made sleeping and dreaming difficult. I did dream rather extensively, but everything is in a jumble.
       I was in Little Red driving on twisty mountain roads, until I made it to a high valley. I was returning, so knew things were going to be crowded. I pitched my tent underwater in a small stand up pool like my brother's. I then went and found where people I knew were camped and helped them stake out a claim to a campsite in a very crowded cafeteria. I had the impression that LH was being evacuated, as were hundreds of other people. I was not, however, and that is why my campsite was in the pool. We couldn't hold on to the campsite against the crush of people, so I had them follow me out to the pool where we could easily see my tent sitting on the bottom of the pool. We swam down to it and entered through a double flap that kept the water out, and importantly, the air in.
       I had to make up some sort of tech mumbo-jumbo to explain how it worked, and how it was large enough for three people to stand up side by side and walk around in, even though the tent fit completely under water in a four foot deep pool.”The fact that it's dry in here wasn't odd enough?”
       I jumped in Little Red and made my way down the winding road off the mesa and into the night time desert. I called up a topo map, it was centered on the mesa and I carefully looked at the terrain, finding another mesa several miles away with several undercut sections, just the sort of place one might have a secret hideout. It was high and there were no roads around it.
       I highlighted where I wanted to go on the map and Little Red went. There was a lurching falling sensation and I cleared the map from the window. We were hovering in the air above a huge futuristic city. There were huge billboards and large completely enclosed pyramids whose transparent walls showed them to be full of trees and crops growing in the pyramid themselves. There were tall spires with advertisements for movie studios on them. Most were still working, animated, but I noticed that there were dozens of signs and whole buildings, for that matter, that were greyed out, no power, their facades shattered or stained, their glass dulled. It was towards one of these that I drove/flew.
       I stopped at the fourth floor from the top of a likely building. Or at least I tried to. It seems that Little Red wasn't particularly designed to fly. It was more like falling, without style.
       There I was helped into a dentist's chair. I kept telling the orderlies that I would be OK, giving lie to the large quantities of blood running down my face and covering my shirt and kilt. The doctor's there had marked up the wounds on my face and neck as to which was the most important to stitch up first. I told them to skip the neck wounds, and when I looked in the mirror next to the operating table, I could see that they were almost gone.
       “You have a white (Unintelligible Mumble) around each of these wounds. You should have yourself screened for (More Unintelligible Mumble) soon.”
       I looked at the doctor as he approached for the third time with yet another smaller suture. “Why can't you run that test?”
       “I'm not licensed.”
       “Then why am I letting you stitch me up.”
       “You aren't, each puncture wounds is now just small hematoma, We should still open it up and clean it out, but...what are you?”
       I opened up the blue tent, and quickly had everyone step out the tent door into the empty ark (one of the large pyramids, now abandoned). L volunteered to help the evacuees all make the dive into the pool and his brother R agreed to stay at this end of the tent to help them with their stuff.
       People streamed down into the abandoned ark awed by the number of fruit trees still growing. Several people came to me and asked if they could go to the power room because they were engineers. They wanted to get the geothermal plant back on line.
       I found myself swimming in the pool, wondering how I could transfer the water to the building, that was one resource we might run a little bit short of with well over 10,000 people leaving the evacuation center. I was distracting the authorities while people queued up behind them to jump into the pool. L was having them each take a closed bottle of the pool with them as they made their way into the tent, several kids were bringing bottles by the bagful from the recycling bins. Apparently the pool was hooked up to some sort of automatic filling system, as the level never got any lower, even with thousands of 20 ounce bottles and some not small number of one and two liter bottles being taken out as well. I filled a plastic trash bag with as much water as it could hold (about ten liters) and made it back to the ark. I jumped back through with several handfuls of empty bags.
       Later I found a control room, mostly intact, and set the window surfaces to be hydrophobic. When the morning dew collected, the water would wash off the ark's windows and roll down into the collection basins at the base of the ark. I knew there would be a muddy sludge to deal with, as the self cleaning cycle for the windows had long gone dormant. We would have to find a use for the micro fine ashy debris that would be washed down.

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