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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Girl from Yukishima

J and I were starring in a Jimmy Stuart style black and white romantic musical comedy, "The Girl from Yukishima." I don't remember much of the plot, but a good deal of it centered on the antics of J and J's (in the film) younger sister. In the film, J's sister was home during a break from her much beloved Yukishima Blue Monkey University, where she was attending their College of Western Studies -as in the American Wild West. Much of the file she flip-flopped between traditional Japanese and American (movie) Western outfits. J changed between a black evening gown and a Grey puffy sweater over skinny pants. I seemed to always be in a narrow-striped grey three piece suit with a black bow tie. If I was outside, I was wearing a matching pinch-front hat.

There was a particularly rousing pseudo western number (in Japanese and English both) at one point where everyone in a recreated "Rick's Cafe Americain" was joining in and singing along. J played quite the rabble-rouser in the film and when she and her little sister, who was actually taller than me in her heals, got going, all sorts of musical mayhem erupted. Like a Jimmy Stuart character, I kept finding myself in the eye of this blonde, musical, two-woman tornado. I was forced to run to keep up, lest I be engulfed by the surrounding storm. In the tradition of such films, I was working much harder than I would if I'd just let myself be swept up and carried away by the events around me, and that created the central engine for the comedy.

It's been a long time since I've had an all black and white dream, and even longer since I had one with an opening title and end credits. I wish I could remember more than the title. One of the neat things about this dream is that we were playing characters our own ages.

I would go see this film in the theater. *****

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